Evergreen Fashion Styling


Fashion trends appear every season, but they don’t always suit us. At the same time, there are some basic rules regarding fashion styling, that will always remain valid. Evergreen fashion styling tips are always on trend and you can never go wrong with these when you need to style your perfect outfit.how to get a evergreen styled outfit

So, How to get a evergreen fashionable styled outfit? I’ve put together a list of the most important aspects for your exterior appearance.
Once you learn to manage these and apply them according to your personal needs and integrate them in your daily styling routine, your external image will boost instantly. As a plus, when you look good, you feel even better.

You don’t have to have the most expensive clothes to look good. You can use anything you already have in your closet if you know how to put it to good use. The rules I’ve listed below can be used for anything you have in your closet.


There are many theories about combining colours, but you can learn them later and according to your personal preferences. Until then remember to choose the right colours according to your skin pigment, warm or cool, use colours of the same type together, pay attention to your face contrasts and match them according to where and for what purpose. https://staging.ourfashionpassion.com/the-perfect-color/
Also consider that each colour has its own specific characteristics and can influence your mood.

Basic wardrobe

The basic wardrobe contains all your simple clothes, which can be combined both with each other and with everything else. You can put them together because you can use them anytime, anywhere.
The basic wardrobe staples get you out of trouble whenever you’re uninspired. The clothes here will always give you a fashionable, stylish look. They are evrgreen. https://staging.ourfashionpassion.com/basic-wardrobe-versus-capsule-wardrobe/

Clothing styles

There are countless clothing styles, but you have to find the ones you resonate with and that fit your lifestyle. To create your personal style, go for evergreen styles such as romantic, rock, Victorian, office, etc., then choose the elements you resonate with. However, don’t forget to experiment with something new from time to time. https://staging.ourfashionpassion.com/clothing-styles-make-it-simple/

Body types

Once you know and accept your body type, you will be able to use colours, accessories and different types of cuts to flatter your silhouette. The four main body types are apple, pear, rectangular and hourglass and each one has its specific beauty. https://staging.ourfashionpassion.com/bags-and-body-shapes/


Clothing energy

Check the energy of your outfit before using it for a particular purpose. Masculine energy is the outer one and feminine energy works bette on the inside. When you want to achieve a professional goal use outfits with masculine energy, but if you need time for yourself and relaxation a feminine outfit is more suitable. https://staging.ourfashionpassion.com/the-energy-behind-your-outfit/


Always choose a basic fabric. Then build your outfit around it. Don’t forget the rule of 3 for an stylish outfit. https://staging.ourfashionpassion.com/how-to-match-different-fabrics/


Accessories are the ones that can completely change an outfit and really show off your fashion sense. An overdressed outfit shows desperation and vulgarity, but even if we don’t use accessories at all, we might have a poor image. The busier the outfit, the fewer accessories we use, and vice versa. 5 Reasons to wear accessories | Our Fashion Passion

Centre of attention

The centre of attention is a game changer for your oufit. Keep in mind that you can have only one single focus point and position it to your advantage. https://staging.ourfashionpassion.com/the-centre-of-attention/


The same outfit does not look the same on two different people, and the difference is made by the personal imprint. Don’t forget to adapt each outfit to your personality and you will surely have a look that won’t go unnoticed.
If we learn to know ourselves and know how to make the most of ourselves, we can use whatever we have in our wardrobe, be it more expensive or cheaper clothes, to style our external appearance and to keep a classy evergreen image. Moreover, this will also help us in our inner evolution.

For more details about each one, you can check my ebook „Dress like a Princess, feel like a queen. ” https://books2read.com/u/baZMVL and my other blog posts on Our Fashion Passion https://staging.ourfashionpassion.com/members/paular/.

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