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We hear about the label of clothing styles everywhere and maybe this topic has been so over-evaluated, that a right matching of clothing styles seems to have become something so difficult to achieve. But it’s not like that at all. Clothing styles are one of the most malleable things in terms of the composition of our outfits.

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Also, to have style actually means to know how to dress classy, to choose what benefits you, and to have a pleasant image, and personal style means gathering and putting together several elements, with which you resonate, which define you as a person and which match with each other.

A clothing style involves several types of clothes and accessories that have certain elements (colors, cuts, prints, etc.) in common and which fall into the same category. When we use clothing and accessories from a single category, it means that we frame our outfits in a certain clothing style.

Clothing styles can be divided into many ways and each designer always comes up with their own version. Therefore the clothing style is something subjective and we cannot remember an exact number of clothing styles or an exact border between them. We have the freedom to experiment as we want, as long as we take into account certain basic characteristics.

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Basic clothing styles

Some main clothing styles are: sports, office, victorian, urban, romantic, minimalist, boho, dramatic, grounge, rock … Together with the development of the industry and the change of people’s mentality, other new clothing styles appear frequently, but we can still be inspired by those with which we find ourselves.

The sporty style implies confortable clothing, which allows us to move our bodies easily and to have comfort.

The office style, as its name suggests, is for office, business meetings, etc. It is a masculine style, which expresses sobriety.

The romantic style contains elements that create the classical innocent feminine picture. Here you can find floral prints, pale colors, ruffles, fine materials, and subtle jewelry.


Urban style refers to today’s fashion, accessible to anyone. Here we always include elements that are in trend and those inspired by celebrities and combinations that are normally in bad taste, but as long as they are fashionable are accepted.

The dramatic style is generally used by artists on stage, but also in the day version by people who do not want to go unnoticed. This style is defined by special cuts and large or unusual accessories, meant to attract attention.

The minimalist style, on the other hand, is based on accessories and clothing in the simplest possible models and neutral colors. It is a masculine style, which gives you the opportunity to highlight your own personality.

In the end

I mentioned only a few clothing styles because if you feel attracted to a certain clothing style, today you can find information almost anywhere. Until then you should know that it is not mandatory to wear a single clothing style. The ideal would be to choose the right style for every occasion and not forget, to impose your own energy, attitude, and personal imprint no matter what you wear.

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When you dress appropriately, you also feel good and you are both appreciated and admired by those around you. This draws positive energy on you. In turn helps you in your inner evolution.  Your self-esteem will increase, then you will transmit this through your behavior and you will be treated as such. If you resonate with the people you come in contact with, you will not impose resistance and it will be easier to reach your goal.

Which style do you think each outfit fits?

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By Paula Radu

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