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Personal style is the reflection of your inner self. Your clothes, your toughts and everything you want to show to the world.

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First, ask yourself

1. What do you want from your feature image. How do you want to look in your personal style? What do you want to express and how do you want to be perceived in the society?

2. Why do you want this change. Is it just because your partner is not satisfied with you, do you want to look like someone else or do you just feel the need to change into a new version of yourself? If it is the last one, then go on.

3. How far are you from what you want to achieve and what do you already have from what you want?

4. If you want a big change, do it in small steps. This way you will be able to get used to it more easily. For example, if you wear sportswear now, but your new personal style will be predominantly office, you may experience a major change.

5. Work on yourself from the outside as well as from the inside. Think and act already like your new version.

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Put together all elements

Personal style involves first knowing yourself, observing what benefits you, then thinking about what kind of clothes you need depending on the environment in which you work, live and spend your free time. After that, you think about some of the basic styles that would suit what you need, and add your favorite items (for example bracelets, scarves, vests, sunglasses, denim shirts, anything else you like and what defines you), and start experimenting.

This will be your personal style, which you will wear most of the time, of course as long as it suits the dress code of the event, workplace or location (we will explain later). if you re-focus your professional career, change the environment in which you spend your free time, move to an area with a different climate or simply get bored, you can always change your personal style.



Put together your personal style

For example, you work in the office, often go out to eat in the city, shop at the mall and attend a manicure class. Otherwise, you do not have any activity that requires a specific outfit. You really like jackets, denim, and bracelets, but you can’t stand shirts.

Then you can choose to wear a jacket at work every day, on easy days, worn even with a pair of simple jeans or even better with a medium length denim skirt, instead of a shirt you can use a simple blouse with a waistcoat or a tie, and you should not give up bracelets as long as they are delicate. In your free time you can wear a casual jacket, maybe even a sports one, matched with sneakers, ballerinas, a dress or shorts. As for the bracelets, now you can wear anything and denim fits in almost any situation.

Don’t forget. It is called personal style just because you can do whatever you want with your image, as long as it benefits you.

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By Paula Radu

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