The Energy Behind Your Outfit


Have you ever thought that your daily fashion style can influence the way people see you and the success of your daily goals? Your fashion style can reflect what is on your inside and exude certain energy. There are clothes and styles that inspire femininity and others that are masculine. This is a matter of material, cut, color and print. This is the energy behind your outfit.

Each of us has both masculine and feminine energy. There is no one better than the other. We need both in order to be successful on all levels of our lives, we just need to know what each one means and when to use it or not.

One of the best examples where this difference can be seen is in our daily outfits.

women wearing a romantic dress


Energy behind your outfit. What is feminine energy?

Feminine energy comes from within. It flows, moves in curves and it focuses on the experience more than on the result.

The feminine energy is the creative, thoughtful, random, and artistic one; perfect when we need some time for ourselves, relaxation, or when we have an artistic activity, such as decorating the house, writing a blog post, or even hand-made, to do.

When you express feminine energy, you will create yourself an innocent, vulnerable, and sensitive image.

The clothing styles with feminine energy have ruffles, delicate and elegant accessories, lightweight materials, and usually, are designed in warm and light colors, like pastel tones.


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Some types of elegant and sensual materials would be lace and silk and the most commonly used feminine print is the floral one.

The female body is created from curved lines, so clothes that express feminine energy should be designed in such a way as to keep our natural body shapes.

Outfits that exude feminine energy, you will find if you turn to romantic, boho, Victorian, eclectic, glamour, or even chic style.

energy behind your outfit
women dressed in masculine clothes


But what about masculine energy?

On the other hand, the male energy comes from the outer world, which makes it safe, centered, and focused on success. It is linear and it goes straight to its goal.

The masculine energy wants to get results.

So, if we want to impose our respect or to gain professional success, an outfit with male energy would be helpful. This is found in office, rock, minimalist, sport, or even urban styles.


Clothes that exude masculinity are simply designed, out of tougher materials, neutral colors, and sharp cuts. They are meant to hide our sensual forms and give us a harsh and imposing attitude, which is similar to the male body.

Macro prints, prints like plants, and the army usually show masculine energy.

Accessories are either missing or bulky and made of metal.

The most used colors are gray, brown, khaki, or navy blue, and among the usual materials used to create masculine clothes are denim, leather, and cotton.


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When you are preparing for an important interview or want to close a profitable business, choose a complete classical office outfit. If you want to make your point of view in a presentation at the job, you can orient yourself to something minimalist, and if you don’t want to socialize too much at a party, add some big rock elements to your outfit.

Instead, for a romantic date, you could choose a romantic dress in light shades of pink or flower prints. If you go out for a coffee with your friends you can wear an outfit whit boho influences and to impress at a formal party you can take inspiration from the Victorian style. It fits perfectly with a formal dress code.

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Masculine energy is the providing one and feminine energy is the receiving one, therefore if you take these small details into account, they will help you to achieve your daily goals more easily.

But besides this, you must also know that femininity or masculinity comes from within us. They are how he talks, how we act, how we speak and how we handle situations.

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