Basic Wardrobe Versus Capsule Wardrobe

basic wardrobe

The basic wardrobe refers to all the basic garments we have in the closet. Those clothes, accessories, and pairs of shoes in simple and neutral colors.

Their purpose is to be able to be worn anytime, anywhere, and with anything.

How to organize your basic wardrobe?

* The first thing: the colors. Colors must be neutral (beige, cream, gray, etc.) and non-colors (black and white).

* Cuts. The clothes must be in simple models, without prints. To highlight our body shape, but not to have too many cuts, pleats, or ruffles. This is the only way we can combine them with anything else.

*Quality. The basic wardrobe is the one in which it is always worth investing because we can keep the pieces for years. It can’t go out of style. At the same time, the clothes in the basic wardrobe are the most used, so the quality is not to be neglected.

Another advantage of simple high-quality clothes is that they can be worn at any age.

* Clothing style. Let’s keep in mind that we should have in the closet at least one piece specific to each clothing style, which corresponds to the basic wardrobe: jacket, office shirt, jeans, simple skirt, cardigan, stiletto, cardigan, T-shirts in neutral colors, etc.


*Clothing for each season. We need a basic wardrobe every season. Let’s not forget to add both, T-shirts and shorts, as well as jeans and sweaters, but also a simple strip and a classic coat and do not forget also the accessories and shoes. A simple black bag, a classic hat, a pair of ballerinas, stiletto shoes, and a pair of simple sneakers are always necessary.


We can practically add to the basic wardrobe any simple, classic coat or accessory that will not go out of style; those elements that we consider classic and “good at everything”.


Why use the basic wardrobe?

…. because we can combine the clothes however we want, and we will still get outfits from different clothing styles, all simple but tasteful.

We already know that we don’t need many clothes to look impeccable, we just need to know how to put them on. Let’s not forget that we wear clothes, not they wear us. In addition, a simpler outfit will give you the freedom to expose your personality elegantly.

If we want something a little more out of the ordinary, we can always add any other color or piece that attracts attention and if we have an outfit that is too colorful or overdressed, we just have to change one of the pieces with another basic one and our outfit will be impeccable.

Capsule wardrobe

The capsule wardrobe is not the same as the basic wardrobe. It is made up by season, professional occupation, favorite clothing styles etc.

We must choose as few clothes as possible, which we can combine and get as many outfits as possible. Thus, most clothes are part of the basic wardrobe, but we can also add clothes of our favorite style or elements of a more extravagant color.


The capsule wardrobe is useful when we go on a business trip, on vacation and is also preferred by those who choose a minimalist lifestyle.

Making a capsule wardrobe can also be helpful to get our brains out of our daily monotony. A little exercise would be to practice organizing a capsule wardrobe once a week for another purpose (future vacation, new season, a new job, a favorite combination of colors).

You can use items only from your basic wardrobe or from your capsule wardrobe and you will look even more elegant and sophisticated than if you mix some extravagant and bright pieces. If you also behave like that, you will transmit this and you will receive respect and good energy back.

By Paula Radu 

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