Bags And Body Shapes


Bags are indispensable accessories for women. Besides the fact that we match the bag with the outfit, the location, etc., why not use it to change our image and silhouette?

Depending on the shape of the body we have, we can wear a certain kind of bag, so as to obtain a harmonious silhouette.


For the apple silhouette, the best option is a large bag, with a longer strap, worn on the shoulder, or a medium bag held on the arm, to cover our hips. A handbag is perfect for sports outfits. Also, a smaller bag, but worn diagonally, can be a good option. In addition, it creates the illusion of length in the abdomen.


For the pear body type, we need to add volume at the top. A medium-sized day shoulder bag worn on the will enhance the image of our figure. For elegant evening outfits, we can wear an envelope-type purse, worn under the armpit.


For the rectangular body, we can carry the bag almost anywhere, but we must create the illusion of volume on the opposite side through clothing. So, if we wear the purse on the top, we choose an A skirt or a pair of wider pants. If we have a handbag, at the top we add ruffles, macro prints, puffy sleeves, or anything else that enlarges.


For the hourglass silhouette, we already have proportions and we must keep them. So, a small purse is the best one, to keep our body image harmonized. Another option is the handbag. For sports, streetwear, or casual outfits, the backpack is a good option.

In addition, when we want to look taller, we should use a bag as small as possible, which we should keep as high as possible. At the same time for very tall women, a large handbag visually shortens the length of the body.


Curvier women should wear a medium and contrasting bag with the outfit, to distract from the silhouette without adding even more volume. Instead, when we want to look more voluptuous, a large bag, in the same color as the clothes we wear, is exactly what we need. We can even carry two bags of different sizes at the same time.

As we have seen, our accessories can be very helpful if we use them properly. They can represent the center of interest in our image, define our personality and help us improve our outer image.

By Paula R.

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