The Perfect Color


When looking for the perfect color it is already known that there are no fixed rules in fashion and this also applies to colors. However, if we want to look elegant and not embarrassing, we should follow a few basic rules.

Skin Pigment

If we have a cold skin pigment, we can wear any color, but in cold tones, and for people with warm skin pigment are more suitable colors in warm tones.

We can establish this in several ways: depending on the metals that benefit us (gold for warm skin and silver for cold skin), the comparison with an aluminum foil or the color of the veins, which can be best seen on the wrist ( if the veins are seen in a shade of blue, the skin is cold, if they have a shade of green, it is warm).

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Contrasts on the face (hair, eyes, complexion)

We can have both hair, eyes, and skin is dark or light colors, but if one of them does not match then it means that we have contrasts.

If we have contrasts, then an outfit in several colors is more suitable.

If we don’t have contrasts on our faces, a monochromatic outfit benefits us.

Perfect color. Location and Type of Event

When we go to the gym we can choose the most colorful equipment, which will give us extra energy and good cheer, but at the office would be more appropriate some neutral and calm colors that inspire seriousness and for a fashionable evening event, the most suitable colors are the pearlescent ones.

Let’s say that an idea would be to start our day with strong colors and focus on as dark as possible in the evening.


The Type of Colors

Here everyone can choose according to personal preferences, but also taking into account the location, event, dress code.

We can choose from pastel, vintage, and neon, but not mix them together.


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How to combine colors?

There are no strict rules here either, we just have to keep in mind that:

-We cannot combine more than three colors in one outfit.

-White and black are non-colors. We can use them to calm an outfit that is too brightly colored (white for light colors and black for dark ones).

-Some people avoid colors, while others prefer an outfit full of color, we just need to know that if the outfit is neutral, we can add color through accessories, but if we already wear a few colors, a bag would be more suitable and a pair of nude or black shoes.

-In the basic wardrobe (jeans, T-shirt, T-shirt, cardigan, jacket, etc.) it would be good to have neutral colors. They can be combined with each other as well as anything else and always gets us out of trouble.


*complementary colors; here it would be good to keep the proportions of 1/3 and 2/3 so as not to look like a clown

*neighboring colors in the color wheel

*warm colors or cold colors

*pastel colors or vintage colors

*same color in different tones

So the perfect color is the one that suits you, defines you, and suits your needs at the same time.

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By Paula

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