The Power of Your Accessories


When we prepare a new outfit, we already know to choose our clothes very carefully, but let’s not forget, to do the same with the accessories.

Because these are the ones that come at the end, sometimes we tend not to give them the importance they deserve. Accessories are the ones that can add that something to an outfit that has nothing special, They are also the ones that can ruin a successful outfit. When we use too many accessories in one place, we will have an outfit that is overdressed, but yet clothing without any accessories could look poor.

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How to style accessories

Accessories are all those elements that we add to beautify, complete, correct, or modify an outfit: hats, headbands, jewelry, scarves, sunglasses, gloves, belts, brooches, bags, etc.

Some essential rules, with which we can not fail, in order to use the accessories correctly, are:

1. Match them to the location, the dress code, and the rest of the garments.

2. Take into account the rule of contrast :

-If we have a simple outfit, accessories can predominate: for example, a simple black dress can be combined with colorful accessories and an extravagant bag.

-If the outfit is already very colorful or has many layers, then the accessories must be as simple as possible or in one of the colors already existing in our outfit: for example, a leopard print dress will be worn with a simple black bag, even brown and with some delicate jewelry.


3. Do not mix too many types of accessories: for example colored plastic bracelets combined with gold jewelry.

4. Place them in a certain part of the body: for example, if we wear many colorful bracelets and a belt at the waist, a large necklace is no longer necessary.

Accessories and personal growth

Have you ever felt that you want to control your behavior in certain situations but you can’t? That you want to change your temperamental attitude at the office? That you want to have more confidence in yourself before an interview or that you want to be able to be more relaxed during the next romantic date?

So, one of the ways to control our behavior is an NLP anchor, and for this, the accessories in our daily outfit are the perfect tool.

We can choose one of our favorite accessories as a sight. The best options would be a watch, a bracelet, or even a ring. Then we think about the emotional state, which we desire or want to replace and with what. As we wear the accessory and look at it or associate a certain gesture with it, we try to describe, visualize, and relive a moment in which we have experienced this condition at some point. What we did was to associate the condition with our accessory, and every time we use it, we will feel appropriate. To make sure the anchor has been calibrated, we need to test it. If we didn’t succeed at first, we’ll try again.

A good example would be if we need more confidence in ourselves when we have to give a presentation, is to use a watch, which is also suitable for our outfit in these circumstances. We put the watch on our hands and as we look at it, we visualize, describe, and feel confident, just as we want to be when we will need it. When we are in front of a few hundred people, we will look at our watch and relive the moment. In the case of the watch, we can also use its ticking.

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Every day when you choose your outfit, don’t forget to add at least one accessory, be it small or large. This can be the element that changes everything.

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BY Paula Radu

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