The power of colors


Colors are everywhere. They have surrounded us ever since we were born. We find colors in nature, in what we eat, in the ads on the streets and in the clothes we wear. Here is the power of colors. They can make us look good and feel good.

Thus they are present in any area of our lives. Food, our clothes, make-up products, stuff on the desk at work…All are colored, but we never thought about the purpose of their colors.

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Colors fashion tips to look stilish

In fashion in terms of the use and combination of colors, there are certain rules, which always make you look stylish and elegant:

A mono chromatic outfit will always look more elegant.

If you have contrasts on your face, keep them also in your outfit.

For warm skin you should use warm shades of colors and for cold skin cold ones.

If you have several layers in your outfit, match them starting from the lightest color inside to the darkest one outside.


Never use more than 3 different colors, prints and textures in your outfit.

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Complementary colors always match perfectly together for a colorful but stylish outfit.

If you want to highlight a part of your body use light colors and if you want to hide it use their dark colors.

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The healing power

But besides that, have you ever thought that you can have a stylish look and at the same time do some inner work? One of the therapeutic effects of colors is the healing and balancing of your chakras, so if you use right the power of the colors, you can dress fashionable and at the same time heal your body.

The chakras are the 7 energy centers of your body.When they are blocked or out of balance, feelings such as fear, guilt or shame can occur, you may even have problems with money and experience some physical illness in certain areas of your body.


It’s nothing complicated, you just have to do it right. Use pieces of clothing in the specific color of the chakra, which is located in that area of the body. (root chakra- red, sacral chakra- orange, solar plexus chakra- yellow, heart chakra- green, throat chakra- blue, third eye chakra- dark blue, crown chakra- purple).

At the bottom, it would be perfect if you chose a skirt, a pair of pants or even shoes in red colour. A red hand bag can also be a good choice.

The blouse, shirt or sweater can be yellow, green and even orange in the hip area. orange Belt The same applies to the jacket or coat.

As for the neck area the accessories should be blue and if you have a necklace made of blue crystals like aquamarine, turquoise or sapphire it would be even better.

If you want to buy a new pair of sunglasses, you may choose a dark blue one.

On your head you can wear a purple hat or a purple scarf and some navy earrings help you too.


More than that, colors are used in many other therapies. Doctors have been using colored light therapy to heal internal organs, for years. Marketing is based on color psychology and interior design elements have different colors depending on each type of room. Even on our own we can use the properties of each color just by wearing it or looking at it. Red makes you feel powerful, orange increases the energy level, yellow purifies the body, green gives you hope and blue treats pain.


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So, with just a little care and no big investment, we can integrate colors into our daily way of life and constantly enjoy their healing power, while wearing a gorgeous outfit.

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