How to look expensive on a budget

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Every woman feels good when she looks good. It doesn’t matter what your income is, if you know how to style your clothes and accessories appropriately for yourself, you can instantly upgrade your look. With some small tips you can look expensive even on a budget.



How to look expensive

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First of all brands don’t make you look expensive. On a first impression, no one has time to read the labels of your clothes, but will notice how your outfit looks overall and how you look in it. So it doesn’t matter how expensive your clothes are, it’s how they’re styled on you.

Use simple clothes and do not make your outfit look overdressed. It might show desperation.
Say no to fakes. Better use something simple or cheaper, than a fake.
A monochrome outfit looks always expensive.
And all the better as the colours are neutral and pale. DON’T give up colours, but when it comes to strong colours, better choose just one. The same goes for prints.
Use gold and silver, but in combination with white, black or grey, without adding other colours.
As for accessories, choose gold and silver jewelry. Even if they are not very expensive they will look good. However, don’t overload your outfit with too much, though.
As for the pearls, if they’re not real, it’s better to give them up.



More tips for every budget

Add a classic piece every now and then: white shirt, stiletto shoes, coat, jacket, hat, etc.
Go for natural fabrics. Choose simple crosses. You can even wear masculine pieces, but don’t wear a whole masculine   outfit. Benefit your body shape.

An outfit that is too tight on the body looks vulgar, while a very loose one shows sloppiness.
Don’t forget your accessories, especially on your head or in your hair.
Sunglasses, hats, gloves, watches, etc. will always add something extra to your outfit. But don’t forget to keep an eye on   the center of attention. Add also a scarf to your bag.
Show less skin and keep your proportions.
Whenever you don’t know what to wear, stick to your basic wardrobe and choose something simple or classic.

Here my article about the basic wardrobe Basic Wardrobe Versus Capsule Wardrobe | OurFashionPassion

What never to wear

Everything that is plastic or hand made.
Neon colors and outfits that are too colorful or have too many prints. They might be successful, but they won’t look expensive.
Latex or any pearlescent and shiny material, sequins, glitter or highly coloured feathers.
Very deep necklines and too short skirts.
Heels too high if you think you can’t walk in them. It will NOT look at all expensive to walk crooked.
Anything else that doesn’t make you feel good about yourself.

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You do not need a budget to be expensive

First of all we need to be clear that being expensive means being a person of value, with the right education, culture, attitude, body language and language; it is not enough just to wear expensive clothes.

So always remember to work on yourself. It is free and it makes every outfit look better.

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