Second-hand clothes: yes or no?


Every woman has at least once swapped clothes with a friend, and the results have been amazing.

But when we think of second hand clothes it’s not always the same. So, should we use second-hand clothes, yes or no?

Second-hand clothes: yes

Yes. They are cheap.
Yes, a thrift store can be the perfect option when you want to find an extravagant outfit, or certain clothes that aren’t currently on trend.
Sometimes you can even find new clothes that have a small defect and can no longer be sold in the brand’s store, even then quality is sometimes better.
Yes, when you want to buy clothes for a photo shoot, a vlog or any project where you don’t want to have an outfit you wear every day.
There’s no point in burning a hole in your budget for a one-day outfit. After that you can even donate this clothes.

Second-hand clothes

Second-hand clothes: no

Sometimes clothes can be dirty or damaged. This brings negative energy and will make you feel cheap. You never know who and how many people have worn the same clothing piece before.
Not always good quality.
You will receive the energy of those who have worn the cloak before. Sometimes that can be a good thing too, but you never know in advance.
Never ever, ever buy lingerie.
No.There is usually no return policy or guarantee.

How to buy in a second-hand store

First of all, only get into second hand stores when you have time. If you’re in a hurry you might not be careful what you choose.
Try to only get clothes that resonate with you. If you feel something you don’t like about it even if you don’t know what, let it go. It might not have the right energy for you.
Check the price-quality balance, and don’t buy something just because it’s cheap, if you don’t need it then or it doesn’t fit.

Focus on more distinctive clothes that you can’t find anywhere else. As for basic clothes, you can find them in almost any store and these are the ones you wear most often, so you should feel comfortable in them and they should be of good quality.
Here my post about the basic wardrobe Basic Wardrobe Versus Capsule Wardrobe | OurFashionPassion


Elegant evening dresses may even be vintage, but they are definitely second hand.
Don’t put together an outfit just from second-hand clothes. It might make you feel cheap or ugly, even if it’s not true.

The diffrence between second-hand clothes and vintage clothes

vintage clothes
Vintage clothes are also second-hand clothes , but not always.
Vintage clothes can be also garments you bought long ago, even your high school uniform.
In other words, clothes that are now out of fashion or correspond to an older style of dressing, and once upon a time they were a popular trend.

Vintage clothes are grandparents’ clothes too, but you know who they were worn by and certainly if they belonged to a loved one, they have positive energy.

Remember that any coat that you resonate with and feel comfortable in is right for you and looks good on you.

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