Clothes and good luck



Have you ever thought about whether your clothes can bring you bad luck? Probably not… but you definitely have some lucky clothes in your closet.
There are clothes that seem to brighten your day and others that seem like every time you put them on something bad happens to you. But can clothes really bring bad luck? And what about good luck?

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Clothes and good luck. Can clothes bring good luck?

Of course, they do.
Clothes are you instruments to get you warm, to make you look good and to feel good. So, why not. Clothes can become your lucky charm if you believe so.
We often wonder if our clothes really can be lucky or if it’s just our superstitions.

Well, both of these versions may be true. First and foremost when we like the clothes and even more we like the way we look in them, we also feel confident and ready to conquer the world; and this attitude always brings positive results. The same thing can happen the other way around and you may think your clothes are unlucky.
On the other hand, it can be true that, if something good happens to us, and we are happy we will deposit this positive energy in the clothes we are wearing at that moment and every time we wear them, we will feel the same emotions.

But even if someone gives us a gift of clothes with hidden bad intentions such as jealousy, envy, revenge or just out of obligation, the clothes might retain negative energy.
We also need to be careful when something more unpleasant happens to us not to focus on our clothes, so that we don’t leave these emotions in them. We don’t want to feel them again.


How to change the bad energy of your clothes?


Even if you think certain clothes are bad luck and you still like them and seem to want to wear them, there are some ways to fix this.
You can start with the intention of clearing them of negative energy and of course to wash them. Then you can make a few changes, if you still believe this.
Don’t make them the centerpiece of your outfit. Arrange them in such a way that if they bother you you can take them off.
Check if they have any tears, dirt stains or flaking, and repair them.
If the clothes weren’t new when you bought or received them, they might have someone else’s energy in them.
Restyle them. So, they will change their bad energy. You can even change their color or cut their sleeves of, if you’re good at it.
Add to your outfit some accessories made out of cristals such as clear quarz or amethyst. This should cleanse the negative energy.

More lucky clothes typs

Always wear them in a different combination. Use different accessories and footwear with them. That way you don’t get used to one outfit that you associate with something unpleasant.
Check if your unlucky clothes really fit you, and if you feel comfortable in them. Maybe you don’t like the colour or style of your clothes, and if you don’t resonate with them, you won’t feel comfortable wearing them.
When a garment is tight, baggy or your body can’t handle the fabric, you will feel continuous stress. Then you will radiate negative energy and you may end up having a so-called bad day.
Wear a lucky and an unlucky statement together.
Add to it. Maybe a belt, a brooch, a scarf, accessories. That way you’ll have another piece of clothing. Plus if you think so, add a lucky charm, like a four-leaf clover.


Placebo in Fashion

The placebo effect is known from medicine, when a specialized person induces certain positive states in the patient using a pill without any effect. The same thing happens in fashion with clothes.
On the other side is the nocebo effect. This occurs when we alone or someone else induces certain negative emotions in us. Passing trends are the best example of nocebo.

Think about how many times you’ve chosen or given up a garment just because someone told you it fits or doesn’t fit. And especially if you knew this person had fashion knowledge.
So, you decide what you want to believe. The same goes for lucky or unlucky clothes.

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