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You may not realize it, but every color elicits a feeling.

Some colors might make you feel inadequate, while others can make you feel like royalty. Here’s a color lesson to help you pick what to wear.

In terms of our clothes, wearing different colors also makes us feel powerful and attractive, so here are some examples of colors that you can wear to feel powerful.



Red has been known as a symbol of danger, but it is also a sign of expressing ” Look at me! “. 

It enables you to capture all the attention of everyone when entering a room or meeting. It also makes you mysterious and loveable to the eyes of anyone.

Wearing any red attire implies that you are active, strong-willed, passionate, a little aggressive, and vocal; it puts you in the spotlight and instills confidence and sexiness in everyone you meet.


This color is a symbol of Associated and Prosperity along with self-assurance.

A relaxing color that will draw your attention to you and make people feel at ease while they are with you.

Navy blue is the go-to color for a job interview. It conveys a sense of ‘control,’ and is regarded as one of the best colors to wear at business and training events.


This color helps to brighten up anyone’s mood and improves every room that you enter. 


It enables you to shine out that makes you strong and contributes to a pleasant, lively, and good atmosphere that has the capacity to quickly boost everyone around you. 

This vivid yellow will make you glow without even trying.

Yellow outfits, yellow bags, or even yellow heels will make you feel as though you own the space. Yellow makes people more hopeful about you and even encourages them to ask questions; this color actually has the power of persuasion.


A highly versatile color that represents many things or feelings like, strength, luxury. elegance and authority.

Apart from making you appear slimmer, it also gives you an elegant appearance. 

When worn at work, black shows authority, yet a beautiful little black dress is the ideal elegant appearance for a date.

However, wearing too much black may make you appear unapproachable, chilly, or harsh, so mix it up with colorful accessories and play around with it.



This color makes you the appearance of being vibrant and energetic. 

This color will make you feel young and in command, but too much of it will irritate the eyes of people around you. So mix and combine until you find the correct combination.

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