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The Philippines is one of the developing and growing economies in Asia especially our growing Filipino apparel. Gradually, they are developing their own branding that is also created and built by the Filipinos themselves. As a result, many Filipinos are becoming proud and enjoying their own products.

We all know that when a country has its own invention or its own product it brings satisfaction and can boost confidence for its citizens.
The Philippines is known to be a competitive country because they do not allow themselves to be deceived in any field.

Aside from cooking delicious foods and unique meals, tourist attractions, and fiestas that define Philippine culture, it is indeed worth noting that some businesses in the Philippines have begun to grow and spread “Filipino Pride.” For example, local apparel established in the Philippines has begun to make waves on the international scene, allowing the industry to establish its own identity. Here are the top five Filipino apparel brands well-known in the Philippines where you can shop for comfortable and fashionable clothing. First on the list is



Check out Maldita if you like alternative and contemporary design. This brand provides men’s and women’s clothing that is both comfortable and stylish. They also have an online store where you can shop at a low cost.

This is a proud Filipino apparel brand based in Manila that provides fashionable clothing to women and men who value alternative and contemporary design.

Our customers are educated, upwardly mobile, and fashion-conscious women and men of all ages. We dress the modern woman and man for their everyday casual, urban, and dressy needs, making them feel strong, empowered, and driven.

The heart of our core pursuits is to provide excellent customer service, present high-quality merchandise, and offer affordable and reasonable pricing in the modern retail environment.

You can visit their Facbook Homepage by clicking this Maldita



Our second for the list was one of the famous and Biggest local brands in the Philippines. Enjoyed by the Teenagers and Millennials, their products are High Quality that can also able to keep up with International brands. This Brand was



Bench is a well-known Philippine clothing brand owned by tycoon Ben Chan that sells clothes, bags, accessories, fragrances, and other fashion items at reasonable prices. Since its inception in 1987, it has grown to provide more items and more locations around the world. Korean actor Lee Min Ho, Adam Levine, Taylor Lautner, and Lucy Hale are among the brand’s international ambassadors. 

Since then, the company has expanded to include a ladies’ line, underwear, fragrances, housewares, snacks, and other lifestyle items. Bench has expanded into international territories such as the United States, the Middle East, China, Myanmar, and Singapore.

You can visit their website by just clicking the name of the Brand included on the upper page.




 A Local Brand in the Philippines that has a quality like of an International brand.

Founded in Cebu, Philippines. Penshoppe is also one of the most well-known and popular local clothing brands in the Philippines. Selling casual wear brands as well as on-trend apparel and accessories. Following the success of its merchandise in the Philippines, Penshoppe has expanded internationally, with branches in the Middle East and Southeast Asia. Zac Efron, Cara Delevingne, Kendall Jenner, and One Direction are among the celebrity endorsers.



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FrancisM Clothing Co. (FMCC)


FMCC or Francis M Clothing Co., owned by the family of late Filipino rapper-musician Francis Magalona, aims to “Filipinize” the entire world by offering apparel that speaks Pinoy. They sell reasonably priced casual wear, frequently printed with iconic Filipino Three Stars and Sun visuals and Francis M silhouettes. They have an online shop as well as physical stores.

You can visit their shop by just clicking the name of the Brand.

Rusty Lopez


Rusty Lopez is a well-known and authentically local brand that sells footwear, bags, and clothing accessories. They are best known for their footwear brand, which has a loyal following among both locals and returning Filipinos from abroad. They sell casual, formal, outdoor, and corporate shoes, making them a popular shopping destination.

Lolito Lopez opened Centropell, a shoe store in the Cubao Shoe Expo, in 1977. Almost three decades later, Lolito and Lily have blossomed and are now at the helm of a shoe business empire renowned for its commitment to the development, manufacturing, and marketing of quality, authentic, and affordable footwear under the brands CENTROPELLE, RUSS, and RUSTY LOPEZ.

It is true that the Philippines is gradually rising and developing because of its own brands and products that are almost no different from the products of other well-known and rich countries in the world. Not only in garment products does the Philippines have its own brand. It also has many capabilities in producing its own product without the help of any country or from another brand. The country will prosper if its people continue to support their own products. To increase sales and further accelerate and boost the production of such products.

 ALWAYS REMEMBER Nothing or No One thrives unsupported.


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