Choosing your Appropriate Clothes 2022-23


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The first thing to do is to Follow the Dress Coding!




To look Appropriate you’ll need to follow the Dress coding on every place or occasion. An example of this is in School, We have that dress code inside every school that every student needs to obey and respect. It is called School Uniform.

There are other schools that do not enforce or have uniforms for their students but most of the Schools around the world enforce wearing Uniforms every day of the week. Obedience is a great way of demonstrating appropriateness.

Dress In a Proper way

appropriate clothes

Feeling excited to wear your party clothes? Always remember that you need to base your attire on what occasion or place you’re going to attend. Because when your clothes are not appropriate for where you are going you will look rude in the eyes of others. So be sure to wear your clothes in a proper manner. It is best if you dress comfortably. Regardless of the dress code, conservative, cute, and casual dresses are always the ideal choice. Others may believe you’re trying too hard if you dress too professionally for school.

Keep in mind that you really want to dress in a way that allows your professors to appreciate you without being sidetracked by your exposing outfits.

Make sure that your appropriate clothes fit your body

Any attention you get for your attire should be favorable, not negative because your blouse is too low cut or your jeans are too tight. You don’t want to be caught breaking school regulations or getting in trouble for wearing unsuitable clothing. Because school is a professional setting, you should dress the part. Always check your garments for a good fit throughout the year. A blouse that formerly fit you wonderfully may suddenly ride a touch too high on your tummy. Check your clothes before leaving the house by following these steps


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  • Raise your arms in the air, and don’t wear it to school if your stomach is visible.
  • To inspect your pants, bend over and touch your toes. If your underwear is higher than the top of your jeans, it’s time to get rid of them.
  • Check the top of your shirt by bending over. Choose a more modest shirt if you have a lot of cleavage showing.
  • Wear a shirt that exposes your bra strap. Many schools ask you to cover your shoulders with at least three fingers.
  • Put your arms straight down by your side to check the length of your skirt, dress, or shorts. It is not proper for school if it is shorter than your fingertips.

Here are some examples of how to dress appropriately!

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