When Fashion Makes Us Feel LOVED


When I was a kid, one of my dreams, when I grow up, is to have my own walk-in closet full of fashionable clothes, shoes, and bags. I even imagine myself as Barbie Roberts with her glittery and sparkly outfits. Though I don’t have a walk-in closet right now, I have my own fashion that makes me feel loved and it’s more than enough for me.

Let me ask you a question. What is fashion to you? Is it wearing branded items? Is it matching the color of your top with your trousers? Is it buying the best bags and shoes? Or is it wearing trendy outfits? Well, for me fashion is about being who you are and expressing who you are. No matter what brand you are wearing and no matter how affordable your bag and shoes are. Fashion is fashion and it will always be fashion.

And when I say fashion, what I mean is how we wear it and how we carry ourselves. In my last blog, my point of view there is how we express ourselves when it comes to fashion and yes it is true! for me personally, fashion helped me to be myself and to be more confident in what I wear. It doesn’t matter how simple or basic my outfits are because for me my comfortability is the most important. And I think ladies, you should too also. Especially if you’re from a tropical country like mine.

Wearing the outfit that you want is a pride to yourself that you can be proud of. Because there is confidence in you wearing that outfit, you come out to your comfort zone and become who you are. You embraced yourself and accept yourself by letting your inner soul be loved by the fashion that you want. I always say that it doesn’t matter if your style is classic, basic, rock, gothic, or whatever your style is it doesn’t matter. Do you know what matters? YOU wearing that outfit. I know there are still ladies out there who are afraid to come out because they think they are not perfect enough. They think they have so many flaws and society cannot accept them and I think body-shaming is the number one reason for it.  Let me tell you, I’ve been there too. I am a petite woman and most of the time I wear jeans and white tops like polo shirts and crop tops. There was an event in my school and we are required to wear Bohemian so I wore these black wide-legged soft pants with some print on them and paired it with my white off-shoulder top and added some accessories. I’m happy with my outfit not until my not-so-stylish classmate approached me and told me that my outfit makes me look fat. Because of that day, I feel conscious all the time and I’m afraid to wear outfits that are not fit for me. That is why most of my tops are fit to me to emphasize my body. And I know it is not right because a lot of times I feel uncomfortable and I feel like I’m not being myself. But I find a way of dealing with that. When I went to college I learned to express myself more and I gained confidence. Whenever people criticized my outfits or my body I just shrug off the negativity and I always think that I am the one who carries myself and my outfits are just a plus point.

Being who you are and being confident is what most matter especially in wearing the outfit that you like. Other people’s opinion doesn’t matter because the only thing they can give you is judgment, not appreciation and acceptance. We don’t need to hide from the clothes we want to wear because we have insecurities. We don’t need judgmental people to criticize us. We don’t need luxurious items to be part of society.  All we need is to be ourselves and be fashionable. Because when we accept ourselves and accept who we are and what we are that’s the time we feel loved. We will be enlightened to the reality of the world that not all people can understand our weird side especially when it comes to styling ourselves and that’s okay. Remember, fashion is fashion and it will always be fashion. 

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