Personal Take: White on Style


I am a girl who always wears white wherever I go. School, restaurant, malls, vacation, and chitchat with my friends. White outfits are always my go-to. A lot of my friends always make fun of me for always wearing white. I know it’s obvious that white is my favorite color because it gives me relaxation and peace. And I know a lot of women out there also a white lovers just like me.

Jeans and white polo shirts are some of my go-to outfits. It’s very comfy and I can move easily in my work. Just in case you’re curious, I have a few pieces of white polo shirts in different textures and styles. I love to tuck them in or tuck the other side of the polo and I just let the other side just to add extra fashion on it with a pair of jeans and some accessories.

Whenever I’m not working and I have time for vacation or a quick getaway. White crop tops are my best friends! I love wearing them with a pair of jeans or short shorts. They are heaven to me to the fact that I started collecting them. I mean, who can resist a fashion style like that? It’s comfy and fashionable, plus you can pair it with whatever you have in your closet.


Speaking of vacation and a quick getaway. White puffed-dress are also in my list of fashion and style. They are the cutest when you wear them with a pair of heels or white shoes perhaps. It may look simple and plain for others, but for me it’s magical! Who needs all the glamour and all the colors if you’re not comfortable with what you are wearing, right?

White outfits might be boring with others and very simple but for me personally, white tops are easy to pair with anything especially on heels and shoes. I heard a lot of people saying that wearing white and collecting white tops or white dresses is hard to maintain on especially if it gets stained. But so far, in my experience of over a year of wearing white outfits, I really enjoy it and I love it. I am also taking good care of my white tops especially my white dresses because I want them to still have a good texture even if I’m wearing them many times. That is why buying a good quality of clothing is very important. Not that I’m saying you should buy luxury items. There are a lot of clothing lines that offer very affordable clothes that have good quality and will surely stay longer and not easy to fade. My personal take on White on Style is that go and pick up your white outfits and style them the way you want. And do not be afraid of wearing white because you’re afraid to get dirt and stain. Enjoy wearing your outfits, ladies. Also, take note of buying responsibly because according to Emma Watson ” We have a Family to feed, not a community to impress.”

Are you one of the girls who love wearing white? Comment down below and let’s exchange thoughts about White On Style. 

By Belle Willow

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