T-shirt design ideas for 2022!


Different t-shirt design ideas for 2022!

The fascinating t-shirt design ideas for 2021 showed a wide range of artistic talents and ingenuity. While it’s easy to dismiss these shirts as “just t-shirts,” they gave people a creative medium through which they could freely  express themselves. We watched our community develop a strong collection of t-shirt designs. After all of this, we saw that even something as basic as a cotton can change the world.


Now let’s hop in to our main subject. First on the list, we have 


   Statement ideas shirts

Your t-shirt should sometimes just say what it needs to express, loudly and plainly. Being able to stand for something without saying anything has led to an upsurge in these strong design. If your gear is advocating for a cause, political campaign, or social movement, this current design style is highly successful.


t-shirt design ideas
Statements shirts example

We recommend: Find the perfect word or sentence that communicates what you hope to share with your community and the world. Keep your shirt minimalist and straightforward by writing your text in a bold, easy-to-read font, or have fun with bright colors and handwritten letterforms.


  Tarot card shirts

The usage of tarot cards on shirts, with the artist’s personal take on this famous design pattern, is one of our favorite design trends this year. Tarot cards provide a wide range of materials to take inspiration from thanks to its distinct artwork, meaning, and design. For individuals searching for a symbolic visual depiction of their message, this design style is a fantastic choice.

t-shirt design ideas
Tarot cards shirt

We Recommend: Each of the 78 cards in the Tarot deck has its unique visual and connotation. Choose a card that best reflects the style and message you want to convey. Use the design that best symbolizes what you want to communicate to apply your message.


 Hand-Written typography

With your own hand-drawn typefaces, you may give your design a unique tone. Your hand-drawn letterforms can be funky, vintage, powerful, or delicate, depending on the tone you want to convey. It’s a terrific choice for practically any t-shirt you’re producing because of the versatility and creativity you have when developing your own text.

t-shirt design ideas
hand written typography shirt design

We Recommend: Because there are so many different font types. The first step in creating your shirt is selecting what kind of atmosphere you want your letterforms to portray. After that experiment with adding colorful colors, lines, and other design elements around the letters to make the design more appealing.


 Distorted Texts

The use of distorted text on your t-shirt is an excellent method to make basic text stand out. With warping, the possibilities are unlimited! With a wavy vintage appearance, you may even transport yourself to the 1970s!

t-shirt design ideas
sample image

We Recommend: Drawing two wavy lines, one on top of the other, is a terrific way to achieve this design style. Then, no matter how strange that letter seems, make your content cover the space between those two wavy lines! This gives you a “warped” appearance. Block and bubble fonts are ideal for this theme.


  Mini Rainbows

Rainbows, which represent joy, optimism, and amazement, are still a popular t-shirt design trend and a perfect complement to any design. Many shirts combine a rainbow graphic with a clean and simple typography that is either arched along the rainbow’s arch or framed beneath it as a phrase.

t-shirt design ideas
mini rainbow shirt

Make your rainbow stand out by using a specific color palette that complements your design or logo. Allow the rainbow image to stand alone, or add a message or quote for further meaning and inspiration.


   Doodle t-shirt design ideas

More fun in your life, and in your clothes, is always welcome! Doodling may be done in a variety of ways, including thin lines, wavy lines, and forms of many colors and sizes. Allow your creativity to go wild, then print it on apparel.

t-shirt design ideas
doodle shirts

It is not necessary for your design to be flawless. Play around with your linework and how you express the forms you’re attempting to depict. Drawing without erasing or clicking “undo” is a good idea. Take a look at what you can come up with!



  Clean and Simple Text

Use a crisp typeface that is clear and easy to read in your shirt design to make a statement. This design pattern was popular on awareness and advocacy shirts to assist the designer get their message out to everyone who saw it.

t-shirt design ideas
simple text shirt image

Our design tool, which includes over 200 free typefaces, is the ideal spot to copy this style trend. Check out our blog post on our 25 favorite t-shirt fonts or use one of our free typography t-shirt templates for assistance picking which clean/crisp font is perfect for you and your design.


Here are some t-shirt design ideas for incoming 2022!


The year 2022 is just getting started, and we’re excited to see what our community of creators come up with this year. Keep up with the newest trends and see what others are up to by following us on Facebook. Is there a trend that you believe deserves to be here but we missed?


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