Prints. When to wear and when not.


When it comes to using prints to have a stylish image, opinions have always been divided.

Some consider prints a symbol of a cheap image, while others rely on prints to create a fashion magazine image.

What is certain is that every season there is at least one print, which is fashionable.

But let’s not forget that trends come and go, so we can wear whatever we want, as long as we know how to wear it.


prints? yer or no

How to wear a print

– plaids, stripes, floral or leopard prints, each has its own beauty, we just have to choose the right paint for the right occasion.

-the more extravagant the print, the smaller the quantity must be. For example, an animal print dress combined with shoes and a bag with the same print might be a bit much; instead, we could choose an all-black outfit together with a bag and shoes with a leopard print.

-we never combine more than three different prints or fabrics.

-for a more extravagant image we can choose elements with the same print, in different colors or we can use several prints, but keep one single color.

– let’s not forget that micro-prints give the illusion of a weaker silhouette, while macro-prints “fatten”


-we can combine a print in neutral colors, such as zebra, with a strong color

prints 2

How not to wear the prints !!

-not to exaggerate the quantity

-if we wear an outfit with many prints, we give up extravagant accessories and shrill makeup. It could be too much.

Here more on how to style accesories

-let’s forget about proportions. In order not to risk looking like a clown, we should take into account the proportions in which we integrate the prints in our outfit. One idea would be 1/3 print and 2/3 the rest of the outfit.

-to use improper prints with the dress code of the event. What would it be like to show up at a festive event in a classic red and black plaid denim shirt? A successful option would be to wear a long dress with elegant floral prints.

-to choose macro-prints, if we want to look fatter and small prints to look thinner


So we can wear anything and look stylish if we know how to do it. We just have to take into account a few small details and then put our personal imprint on each outfit.

By: Paula Radu

Photo credit by Google

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