Keeping Contact With the Latest Dance Fashion


It is no lie that the world of performing arts takes everything to another level when it comes to dance outfits and costumes.

And why not? Imagine having to create a comfortable yet eye-catching outfit, that is elastic enough for the most complex moves and still adds effect! Phew, that’s quite a load if you ask me.

So, what is trending in dance fashion today? This question obviously has a variety of answers as broad as the various spectrum of niches, but the biggest trend in dance fashion in 2021 is most definitely:

Wild Styling

Wild styling is all the rave but a lot of people don’t even know that that’s what it’s called. So what is Wild Styling? Wild styling occurs when pieces that are distinct to a particular dance genre are matched to complete the outfit of a completely different genre

wild styling originates from street dancers who make an effort to express themselves through their outfits. often times these street dancers perform a variety of dance forms but mostly without formal training. This makes for pop and lockers who also dance hip hop’s outfit combination of a suit and all-stars or a contemporary performer who also does variations of belly dance costume choice of joggers and a belly dancers bralette. To figure out ways to wild style the dance attire you have to learn to change up your style

Color Pop

2021 came packed full of color popping on the dance scene and even in a variety of movies that subsequently inspired performances. Bring your performance to life with an iconic splash of color.

Bright solid yellows and vibrant hot pinks have dominated the dance scene, especially on the side of the hip-hop world.

The Two-Piece

Basic, comfortable and stylish, the two-piece has made itself very prominent on the 2021 dance scene. be it sweat pants and a hoodie, a crop top, and joggers in matching shades make for a clean look on stage or in your videos. Remember to check your lighting and accessories to avoid any clashing.


remember this look is amazing in bold colors and softer palettes so if a bomb red isn’t your thing, you can still rock a nude, or chartreuse two-piece is still fab!


From intricate details in mesh and lace to solid prints, dancers have been making a statement in tiny details and distinct patterns.


From ballerinas to salsa dancers in lace to hip hop and break dancers in prints, details have made a large noise in voicing the eclectic dress sense of dancers everywhere.

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