Ways To Change Your Style


Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself. Fashion is one- way to help you express yourself, your taste, and your feeling. Too much stuff in the closet! You kept on buying clothes, thinking you would wear them someday. You need to do some inventory checks on what’s in there. Be open-minded and accept new concepts. Try to break out of your comfort zone and change your style.

Be open-minded


Get inspired

Get inspired through style blogs, movies, runways, magazines, social media. This doesn’t mean to say that you replicate anyone else’s look exactly. Instead, look to stylish role models as a source of inspiration, then aim to bring your outfits together with your unique twists, touches, and personal preferences.



Take time to be creative

Woke up in the morning and got bored thinking about what you were going to put on. Then you will put on the same combo you always wear. Why not try to spend time to be creative. Challenge yourself with styles you’ve never tried before.




When you understand your Style Personality, you can begin to develop an ‘effortless style’, find new ways to express your individuality, gain greater confidence in your clothing choices, and shop with fresh new inspiration!                                                                                           Don’t be afraid of new changes, learn to embrace them!



Photo credit Pexels 

By Gelila Shita

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