Interview dress code: What should I wear for an Interview?

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When preparing for an interview, the first question is: What should I wear for an interview? And not for nothing because the first impressions equal half the final result.
We already know that people first react based on what they perceive visually, so we can manipulate the success of our interview a little through our outfit.

What should I wear?

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First of all, things differ a bit depending on the field you want to work in, but wherever your interview takes place, it’s clear that the best outfit is a simple one. The basic wardrobe is what you’ll need when putting together your outfit. You can find more tips in my other article


Clothes should not be too tight, so as not to create a vulgar look, but neither should they be too loose, as you risk giving a sloppy impression.
The colours should ideally be neutral (black white, grey, brown) and matt. A monochromatic outfit is even suitable. Better not to use prints.
As for clothing styles always opt for something classic, office. That way you can’t go wrong, and if the job you’re applying for is a little more informal, you can also use elements from the minimalist style.

But remember to use good quality materials, and overall get a covered outfit. The less skin you show, the more serious your look.

As for the focus point and accessories, they need to be subtle. You can wear a watch and delicate jewellery. Instead braided bracelets or large metal earrings would not be a good option.
You want to draw attention to yourself, but not by your looks. Do it through your personality.

Check, that your outfit has masculine energy. Masculine energy is more suitable when we want to achieve professional success. Wear heels, but small. They give you the attitude you need, but if they’re too big you can look awkward. You don’t want to trip when you’ve just had a flawless interview.
The bag should be of medium size. Calculate the size to fit your personal belongings, a pen, and a folder.

Secret tip: Integrate in your outfit 3 different elements. One to command respect, another to show seriousness, and the third to show that you are sociable and approachable.


Is the Interview all about wearing the perfect outfit?

Certainly NOT. There’s no point in having a great outfit if you don’t know how to show it off.
In addition to the already styled outfit, don’t forget to have a simple and clean manicure ( nude, french, babyboomer) and your hair did. If it’s short it’s fine to be but combed, if it’s longer always clip it. A loose bun at the back or a simple hairtail is the best option.

Another important thing is to feel good about yourself. The aim is to get a positive result at the interview, even if it may not be your best look on the day. But if you don’t feel comfortable in this outfit, you’re better off wearing whatever feels comfortable.
The impression we leave behind is given by our external image, but also by our internal state. So we add to our appearance the way we speak, our body language, and the energy we exude.

Here are also some tips about the etiquette rules, which can be helpful
Try to act calm, serious, and as if you already have what you want. When we already feel the way we want to be, we will think and act like it. You can also use an anchor for this through your accessories.

And I know this can be hard when you may have been waiting months for this interview, but still don’t put it on a pedestal. It might not even be what you actually want.
And remember; you can’t lose what you never even had!

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