4 Winning Steps to Play Cards Online and Beat Bookmakers with a 100% Success Rat

  • 4 Winning Steps to Play Cards Online and Beat Bookmakers with a 100% Success Rat

    Posted by hvttalatathui huynh on July 29, 2023 at 12:45 am

    Have you ever wondered why many players still lose when playing online card games for real money at best bookmaker for football despite applying various tactics and strategies? Could it be that they are too focused on strategies and overlook other surrounding factors? Mathematician Laviste’s research reveals that these surrounding factors account for up to 50% of a player’s winning chances.

    Let’s explore the following 4 aspects to easily profit from bookmakers:

    4 Winning Tips for Playing Cards Online and Beating Bookmakers

    Understand the Winning and Losing Odds in Online Casino Games Many believe that professional card players win solely based on luck, neglecting the fact that they win because they understand the winning and losing odds of the games they play.

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    For example, in the game of Baccarat, between the Banker and Player options, the Banker always has a higher winning percentage by over 5%. Though this winning margin may seem small, those who know how to exploit it can achieve significant winnings. Similarly, in the Roulette spinning game, placing bets on a group of 12 numbers can result in a winning rate of up to 65%.

    Proper Bankroll Management for High-Stakes Players For high-stakes players, effective bankroll management is of utmost importance. It significantly impacts strategies and the player’s psychological state. Professional players set a losing threshold of over 50%, and when reached, they stop playing. At this point, the cards are trending poorly, and continuing to play would only lead to larger losses.

    Set Clear Goals and Stick to Them When playing online card games at casinos, set individual targets based on financial situations and money-making objectives. However, remember that it is essential to stop playing immediately after winning 2.5 times the initial investment and after losing 70% of the capital. Overindulging in the game will only lead to deeper losses.

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    Employ Reasonable Strategies It’s crucial to note that there is no one-size-fits-all perfect strategy. Only reasonable and suitable strategies can lead to high success rates. Each game may require different tactics, so it’s essential to avoid sticking to a single approach. If a strategy repeatedly results in losses, it’s time to switch to a different tactic.


    The above insights have been gathered through my experiences playing online card games at various casinos, and they have proven to be highly effective. If any of you have other methods or experiences for playing cards online, feel free to share them for the benefit of others. Wishing you all success!

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