Do you want to look plump?

do you want to loook plump

Do you want to look plump? Probably not. Every woman wants to look thin and tall, but there are situations when you want to gain a few extra pounds or add a little volume to a certain part of your body.

Clothes and accessories can be good tools to help you get a plump look until you gain weight, or maybe you like your body but you want some curves and a big bust.

look plump

Some basic styling rules to gain a plumper image

how to look plump
These fashion tips are perfect for you if want to add some volume in different areas of your body or to balance your silhouette.

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Light colors add visual volume darker colors
Macro prints and vertical prints are perfect to use in your bust and hip area.

Big accessories and stumpy shoes. Also, add more scarves to your outfit. Jackets and shirts with broad shoulders. Do not forget to add the same volume in all arias of your body. You don’t want to look disproportionate. Ruffles, sequins, and rhinestones or more accessories on top of each other in the chest area add volume. Pleated skirts and dresses for wider hips. You can also use makeup for both the face and body, especially for the d√©colletage area. And loose hairstyles and layered haircuts help add volume. A messy low bun is perfect.


How to look plump

how to look plump
If you want to look like you’ve gained a few pounds overall here are more tips. Monochrome light-colored outfit. Looser clothes in both the upper body and lower body, but without losing your proportions. As an example, you can wear a loose shirt and some middle-waist mom jeans, but keep a wider belt on your waistline and pair your outfit with some high heels to look also tall.

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Many layers. Especially in spring and autumn choose outfits made of several thinner layers. You can also use two layers of the same color and type on top of each other. For example, two white shirts on top of each other will look like one at first glance. Natural fabrics. They look thicker. Also when you don’t like something you can distract from it by emphasizing something else. Therefore, if you’re not really happy with your body at the moment you can choose to wear some fancy booties, a colorful bag, or a big beautifully decorated hat.

And the most important thing is to accept and love yourself and your body as you are because no one is perfect and for small imperfections, there is always a solution.

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