7 tips to look Slimmer and Taller

how to look tall and thinn

In most societies today, people who are taller or slim are often considered more attractive. With that in mind many people try to at least appear as such. Looking thin and tall is not too difficult and your clothes can be the perfect tools to create the impression to look slimmer and taller.

What to wear to look slimmer and taller

how to look thin and tall

Dark colors and monochrome outfits. When you wear one color you get a completely unified look, which makes you look even taller. Also when choosing outfits in multiple colors. Choose colors from the lightest at the top to the darkest at the bottom. For example a white tank top, grey jeans, and black boots.
Vertical prints and accessories. This creates visual length.
Skin-colored shoes and pointed-toe shoes will make you look taller
Small bag

Low-heeled or platform shoes. If you wear high heels on a daily basis when you have to wear an elegant outfit, it won’t make any difference. So the idea is to gain a few extra inches, but save something better for more special occasions.
Keep the proportions of your outfits at 1/3 and benefit your figure.

Here is my post on how to style easy every outfit:

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Wear very long or very short dresses or trousers. Avoid knee or ankle lengths.
Long dresses or jumpsuits are also more flattering than two-piece outfits, and make you look thinner.
Bonus tip: You can help with your hairstyle. A high ponytail or a loose ponytail goes with almost anything.

look slimmer and taller
What never to wear to look slimmer and taller

  • To many layers
  • Clothes that are too tight or too loose. While tight ones will show all your imperfections, too baggy clothes add bulk.
  • Flat hats and large accessories. Vertical prints. At least never on the lower body.
  • Too big shoes.
  • Nothing that adds too much volume vertically.
  • Here is a helpful tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bj8yih7_edA


You should also know that if one of your desires is to grow a few more inches, stretching, muscle relaxation and even some meditation can help. Until then you can use your clothes and accessories to get a few extra inches. You’ll get used to your taller, thinner image and it will be easier to believe you can achieve the results you want.


By Paula Radu

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