Christmas and New Year Fashion Superstitions

Christmas outfit

In general, much of our superstitions relate to how we dress; what to wear, how to wear it, when to wear it and what not to wear. Christmas and New Year’s Eve are one of the holidays full of such fashion superstitions and dressing rules.


Always red and green for Christmas. Fashion superstition or dressing rule.

The combination of red and green is the symbol of Christmas. We often avoid wearing it in the rest of the year, precisely because it only makes us think of Christmas.

christmas outfit Fashion Superstitions
Indeed, red and green go well together, so they are both complementary colours. It’s a strong colour combination that’s perfect to soften the dreary atmosphere outside this time of year.

Red is a strong masculine colour, representing passion and fire. It is the colour corresponding to the root chakra.
Green, on the other hand, is an equally strong but feminine colour. It represents love, hope and rebirth. It is the colour of the heart chakra. So the two complement each other perfectly.
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 Other Christmas Outfits

Over red and green usually comes a little gold or silver. This is done to add a sparkle to the outfit, and to keep the idea of celebration and holly spirit.
At the same time, red is the color of Santa’s costume, and green symbolizes the Christmas tree. In the Christmas tree we usually put red globes, and at the end comes the silver or gold tinsel.
White is used as a neutral to emphasize the color of the outfit. It is the color of snow and it symbolizes purity. White is also associated with positive karma. The angels are seen as dressed in full white and with a golden aura.

From the Christmas fashion dress code there’s no shortage of baggy, flowing sweaters, fluffy socks and simple velvet dresses. This comes from the fact that Christmas is associated with a family holiday, which is celebrated at home or in an intimate setting.

So, the outfit is cozy and warm, but also decent and reserved for the more formal parties.
So when choosing your outfit for Christmas just know that it’s enough to choose decent clothes in pale or warm colours that you feel comfortable in and that suits you best. Of course, if you want to keep the classic Christmas spirit, you can choose the red and green outfit.
Here some simple ideas


What to wear and what not to wear on New Year’s Eve.


New Year’s Eve comes with many superstitions behind it. Most of them have to do with fashion. When we think of New Year’s Eve, the first things that come to mind are celebrations, glamorous parties, fireworks, champagne and long dresses.
But New Year’s Eve means the transition from one year to the next, change, end and new beginning. And hence the reason for celebration and the cause of many superstitions.


christmas outfit Fashion Superstitions 2
Every culture has its own rituals and superstitions, but there are a few well-known:
The most popular one is to wear red on New Year’s Eve. Red is a strong colour and you certainly won’t go unnoticed at any party, but it might already be an all too common image, especially after all Christmas parties. In many cultures, red is said to ward off the sickness.
Underlying these superstitions is the theory of colour psychology and their healing powers.

Red or yellow underwear, in some cultures, worn on the back brings good luck and positive energy. This is a trick used not only on New Year’s Eve and indeed it might work to some extent. When we return our underwear, we also return the negative energy blocked in the root chakra and otherwise our energy can get evenly throughout our body.

More Superstitions

For men there are certain printed shirts that bring good luck with money, and if you walk around with an empty suitcase on New Year’s Eve you’ll travel all year round.

All these superstitions are based on intention. As New Year’s Eve symbolizes a new beginning, we must express our intention of what we want to achieve in the coming year.
This doesn’t mean we have to behave badly if we don’t believe in certain rituals or buy clothes and accessories we’ll never use again, just channel our energy into what we want to achieve.
Don’t forget that your New Year’s Eve can be every day when you decide to close a chapter in your life and start a new one.

In terms of New Year’s Eve attire, the predominant colours are gold, silver and practically anything that sparkles. They are associated with luxury, champagne, fun and fireworks.
So, the best New Year’s Eve outfit is the one that suits you and, of course, the location where you will spend New Year’s Eve.

This is the time when organised events are more elegant, so you may have to adhere to certain fashion rules.
Here some help

Anything we believe in can be of use to us, if we know how to use it to our advantage. So, what are your personal superstitions?

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