Your Heels are Up to You!


So how high do you like your Heels?

Whether it’s one inch, two inches, three inches or four, your chosen pair of heels ???? will always be up to you.

As far as I’m concerned, I cannot walk properly in shoes unless they have heels. Sounds strange? It’s true! I walk awkward in flats and I owe it to having grown accustomed, to wearing heeled shoes. Most women, myself included, use two-inched heels and above. Personally, I adore high heeled shoes and the way it makes me feel about myself when I walk in them. Can you relate? Heels are awesome and they add elegance to any attire.

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On the market, there are many available colours, sizes, styles and brands to choose from, such as Christian Louboutin and Dior. The fit and comfort are important, so it’s advisable to try on your heels, walk around a bit and then decide to purchase. Remember, heels can be worn for hours, therefore they must provide a certain amount of comfort to your feet. No one wants to wear a stylish pair of heels that hurt, squeeze and bruise their feet throughout the day or even worse, in a matter of hours. Although this may be true, some ladies actually bear the pain and discomfort of certain styles of heeled shoes, simply because they like how it looks.

Whether your choice of heels are boots, strap ups, open-toed or otherwise, the look, fit, colour and style will always be important to you. The occasion and the attire will definitely have a say, whenever you decide to purchase a pair. Other factors that determine the type, height and style of heels we choose, would be the venue, the type of event, and the safety requirements.

Heels can range from simple or plain to classy and elegant. Brand name heels can range from affordable to costly, but if the pair represents you and your personality, you will not be deterred by the cost.

From my experience, when a pair of heels are of the right colours, style and fit, I am determined to purchase it as an addition to my collection or wardrobe. Some heels, just cannot be allowed to remain on the shelves, they need a pair of feet to wear it, walk it, strut it and show it off.

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Heels tone your legs. They add lift and that extra shape to enhance your pair of jeans, tights, close fitting dress or skirt, and it gives structure to the calves. This is one of the main reasons I like to walk around in them. For some people, heels affect their ankles and feet. I agree, that to everything there are always advantages and disadvantages, however, to many of us, the benefits of having and wearing heels, far outweigh the risks. Using heels to add height if you are a short person, to add extra height if you’re tall and to add confidence where it’s lacking, is always a welcome addition to the list of wardrobe must-haves.

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By Tricia Brown

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