Will Lukaku’s new designer shoes help him match the scoring rate of Christiano?


It has been the toughest week for a lot of big teams and today, Manchester United swings into action against Everton having lost to Aston Villa in the previous game. Chelsea will be in action against Southampton, having lost to Manchester City in the previous game. Will the acquired new designer no it’s for Lukaku help him achieve his dream of scoring goals?

He has gone 3 games now in a row without recording even a shot on target even though, he has played full time. Chelsea board of management took into consideration Lukaku’s request for a new design of shoes which he promised to use to outsmart Christiano Ronaldo’s scoring trick and also to bring to glory his team and compete for the best top scorer position.

The management board of Chelsea football club swung into action and acquired the new shoes to make Lukaku help their club compete for the top position.

Lukaku will use the acquired boots and don’t miss their game to see how those boots will be helping him to score goals, as those boots have sparks that will not allow the ball to slip/run away from him and will make him record a high number of goals in every game he plays.

Images from footy headlines.

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