Why Should You Opt for Custom-Made Bridal Shoes


The long to-do list that comes with wedding planning can be stressful. Everything is important, from the wedding venue to the guest list, wedding theme, gown, and bridal shoes. Custom wedding shoes for the brides are a vital part of the bride’s ensemble. Because most women are natural shoe enthusiasts, spending a bit more on your customized wedding shoes is acceptable.

Would you want to try on a stunning pair of custom-made bridal shoes? Let’s look at why you should choose bespoke bridal shoes and how they made their special day even more memorable!

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Custom pair bridal shoes provide many advantages to wear. A wedding, including the ceremony and celebration, usually lasts for several hours. There is a lot of standing and moving involved. If you’ve ever had to suffer long periods in ill-fitting shoes, you’ll understand why choosing the right wedding shoe is critical.

COMFORT. Bespoke bridal shoes provide comfort because our feet vary in size and form so, finding a comfortable pair of shoes can be challenging. Consider how much more difficult it will be to find a pair of shoes that you can comfortably walk in for an average of six hours on your wedding day. You can spend less time looking for shoes that are both comfy and fit. Instead, pin your idea on Pinterest and have it drawn for you; everything will fall into place, including the materials, color, and any additional or stylistic changes.

FIT. The majority of us have issues with our toes. So, no matter how lovely a pair of shoes you wear, proper fitting is necessary to avoid severe pain later. After all, wearing it for a long time is a difficult task.

PERSONALITY. Custom-made shoes are a reflection of one’s personality. Styling your wedding day in whatever way you desire, from the general theme to the color of your shoes, shows your personality. It’s going to be one of the most memorable days of your life, so make the most of it. Ensure that your precious day is your most unforgettable and happiest day at the end of the day.

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They made the right choice, and they are the happiest!

Every bride wants to make a statement with her wedding attire. Right! It’s you and your day; choose an unusual color combination or integrate unique textures that symbolize you to show off your flair is acceptable. A woman who wants beautiful custom-made bridal shoes should look for a reputable and trustworthy shoe shop because each bride has specific preferences. They are happy with the results after the shoemaker fulfills them. The made-to-order bridal shoe service allows the bride to select her shoes’ design, material, and color and personalize them with a monogram or a date plaque to commemorate her special day.


Marikina shoemakers are well-known not just in the Philippines but across the world. It is famous for its sturdiness, style, and affordability. Furthermore, they are renowned for traditional shoe design and go above and beyond with their bespoke shoe, which is especially popular for weddings and occasions.

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Bridal shoes are essential because they give every bride confidence, beauty, and power. Wearing a gorgeous, classic, comfy outfit is their happiest day ever, no matter how difficult the day is. So, how about a pair of custom-made bridal shoes? What’s to stop you? Like an heirloom, you can pass down your bespoke bridal shoes to your future daughter or grandchild.

What makes you want to read this blog? I hope this has caught your interest and will benefit you in deciding what to wear on your wedding day. Continue to follow our stories and share them with others. Let’s get in touch!

By: Jhofeliza

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