Why Should We Clean Makeup Brushes?


Makeup brushes are an inevitable tool for flawless and wispy makeup application. These tools proffer you a highly explicit purpose, which keeps a more natural makeup look. Brushes ease in contouring, painting, and highlighting our faces day in and day out. You can’t think of a subtle makeup application without these tools.

But can you imagine makeup application with filthy brushes? No, I guess not. Brushes need routine cleaning to save you from unnecessary problems you face while doing makeup with stained brushes. Sponges and brush bristles are squashy, so they lock debris, oils, and bacteria inside them by frequent use and become nocuous to the skin.

Washing makeup brushes is sternly not a fun thing. Cleaning brushes is such a humdrum activity that you try to linger on until you see the visible discoloration and filthiness of these tools. So, let’s talk about the necessity of having these makeup tools cleaned. Grimy brushes can be a favorable terrain for bacteria, which can cause premature and undesired breakouts, and blemishes, for these reasons, you require to give your brushes and sponges a gentle wash. You can wash your brushes and sponges with shampoo, brush cleaner, or any soothing soap in case you’re wondering.

The accumulation of dead skin cells, dirt, and oil on your face surface can clog the pores. When you use a makeup brush on your face, it catches the whole caboodle from your face counting bacteria, dead skin cells, oil, and impurities; later time, the same brush usage can expedite blemishes and breakouts on your pretty face. If you do not fancy such problems, it’s time you reckon washing your makeup tools.

And if your skin isn’t acne-prone doesn’t signify that it’s now bacteria-resistant. Bacteria and dirt can begin hardness, redness, and inflammation. If you fancy healthy and flawless skin, wash your makeup tools frequently as an essential element of your beauty or skincare routine.

However, the usage of grimy brushes frequently can harden the brush bristles, which gives a harsh and scratchy feel to your skin, causing redness and skin irritation. Since to have soft and pliant skin, bring into focus to rinse your brushes periodically. Washing brushes at intervals will keep the brushes’ hair soft and keep you safe from skin problems.

You can have the brushes of the first water, but if you don’t bother with its cleanliness, you cannot get your desired results. Not washing your makeup tools invariably wrecks the lineament of blending products and application of makeup. While taking care of makeup tools eases the more impeccable makeup application and perfect finish.


Dirty brushes can fast-track skin dermatitis or skin irritation, but it completely distorts the shades of the makeup product you’re applying, on top of spreading it intermittently. It’s a no-brainer that when you apply makeup with filthy tools, you’re not going to get fine finishing. So, keep your makeup sponges and brushes squeaky clean to give correct makeup application and keep your skin safe from impurities and germs breeding ground.

By Nabila Riaz

Photo credit Pexels

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