Why and When Are Shoes Worn?


We wear shoes more during winter, shoes protect our feet from cold. And shoes are worn at school time and college time by shoe companies. We also wear shoes while running and shoes are also worn in sports etc.

Shoes are one of those health essentials that have many benefits for foot protection, overall health, and comfort when worn. It’s hard to imagine not wearing shoes because of the many risks involved, such as dirt, infection, and sharp objects on the feet. Any going without shoes in areas without proper disposal of animal and human waste makes people more susceptible to parasitic worms and other foot infections. These diseases can be debilitating or even fatal. Going barefoot puts humans at risk of hookworms, tick bites, and injury.

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Wearing shoes without socks not only harms the feet but can also cause problems related to blood circulation. Wearing shoes without socks puts extraordinary pressure on some parts of the foot and due to this, blood circulation is not able to be done properly in those parts.

What color shoes to wear

It is believed that the people in whose zodiac Saturn and Rahu are exalted, such people get progress in the business of shoes and slippers, and such people whose zodiac signs have Saturn or Rahu of high status, they get black, black feet on their feet. Only brown and blue colored shoes should be worn.

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Vastu Shastra also tells about the right day to buy new shoes and wear them. Buying new shoes and slippers on Friday and wearing new shoes and slippers kept on Friday is said to be the best. Shoes are not only for our benefit but also enhance our fashion, which makes us look beautiful and handsome. There are different types of shoes, men’s shoes, and women’s shoes, in which men and women have different sizes. Women can wear men’s shoes but men and women can’t wear women’s shoes because men’s shoes go on women’s feet but men’s feet don’t allow women to wear women’s shoes.

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From Old English skoh, from Proto-Germanic skokaz (Old Norse skoh, Danish and Swedish sko, Old Frisian skoch, also source of Old Saxon) skoh, Middle Dutch schoh  Dutch schoean, Old High German schoh, German schoh, Gothic skoh ). The shoemaker is called a cobbler. Making shoes is a cobbler’s jobs only a cobbler makes shoes of new designs.


When was the first shoe made? The earliest known shoes are sandals made from sagebrush bark and date back to 7000 or 8000 BC. This morsel of shoe history was found in a cave in Oregon in 1938 and is the oldest known footwear specimen.

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