Which One Of These 10 Stylish Man Are You?


There is more to being a stylish man than just your wardrobe. It is a personality trait and attitude. It represents your identity on the outside. There are ten different sorts of fashionable men, and if you don’t know which one you are, your confidence may suffer.

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You may feel stuffy and secluded if you are outgoing and stylish yet are wearing conventional clothing. If you dress traditionally and conservatively but also fashionably, you could come out as flamboyant and unprofessional.

I outline the ten sorts of fashionable men in this essay. Which of these types of fashionable men do you identify with? Each has a distinctive relationship with fashion.

Stylish Man Look #1 The Jet-Setter

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This guy wants comfort, style, and utility all in one. The jet-setter will therefore spend much more on his outfit. He wants outfits that will serve their purpose.

For instance, he will choose a jacket made of 100% wool. He wants the durability and insulating qualities of wool, and because he travels frequently, he also wants something that will look fantastic and have a great drape.

He knows people would judge him quickly since he visits so many different places and meets so many new people, so he always dresses well. He understands that clothes convey messages.


In exchange for comfort, functionality, and fashion, he is willing to pay more.

Stylish Man Look #2 The Dandy

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A man who is willing to dress for himself is known as the Dandy. This fashionable man is concerned about his attire. He is interested in the craftsmanship that goes into it and is prepared to pay more for it. For example, he wants to know which artisan made his shoes and boutonniere.

Of all the numerous types of fashionable men, this is the one who will be able to respond to inquiries about various outfits or fashions.

Stylish Man Look #3 The Rugged Man

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Practical, durable, and manly clothes are what a rough man wears. It is practical and can withstand manual effort. These are the firefighters, police officers, soldiers, and blue-collar workers. They maintain your vehicle, save lives, and keep your city safe. All of the stuff must be resistant to their clothing.

For instance, you can tell that the sole of a pair of work boots is made of rubber. Why? Because you want something that will provide you traction if you’re working on automobiles and some oil spills; you don’t want to skid.


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