What To Wear On Broadway Piano Show


Imagine you’re in a Broadway show of the greatest pianist in the world, Ludwig Van Beethoven. The soothing sound and the relaxing music of the piano. The emotion and the chills that capture all over my body. The whisper of the moonlight sonata to my ears and the teary-eyed of every listener of the show. But one thing to look forward to is the outfit of the lady audience.

Pleated Skirt Style


Tell me you’re a pro in fashion without telling me you’re a fashionista. It would be this Pleated Skirt! I mean it’s formal and stylish plus a boot is such a hip for this look. A good-fit sweater is a perfect match for a pleated skirt to emphasize your body but an alternative for this is a loose sweater for whenever you like yourself to look extra comfortable. I would recommend some pieces of jewelry as well to make the whole outfit Broadway-ready!

Slip Midi Skirt Style


Aside from a pleated skirt, a slip midi skirt is a perfect choice for a Broadway piano show as well. It’s a silk or satin skirt which is why the quality of it is smooth and shiny and just like the first one (pleated skirt) you can pair it with a fit and lose sweatshirt too. And a heel is always a good one for this style.

Boss Lady Look Style


Am I the only one who noticed that most of the outfits in modern women who went to a Broadway piano show nowadays are like a boss lady look style? It’s formal though and it suits the show. I think this is the outfit that most of the ladies in the business world would wear. Like after a long day at work, a Broadway show is their escape to relax. Comment down below if you agree with me.

Long Gown Style

broadway-piano-show-outfit-long gown

If the Broadway show requires a formal dress code, I think this one is for you. The reason why I want to watch a Broadway piano show before it’s because of what I saw in the movie, women are wearing gowns and elegant dresses. But when I was invited to one of my friend I realized that not all Broadway piano show has a dress code and actually ladies are not wearing a gown. That’s how funny movies are. They love to trick people. Going back to the Long gown style, what I love about it is that you can explore different styles not just casual, simple, or gothic but you experienced a formal party gown style as well. In my point of view, whenever I’m wearing a long gown I feel like I’m leaving a princess’s life. Not every day we wear a gown so make every chance the best way you can, especially if you were invited to a Broadway show.

Mid-Length Dress Style


Remember the red mid-length dress that Emilia Clarke wore in Me Before You? That’s actually my Broadway show outfit idea. It’s not just formal but it’s classy as well. It’s the dress that what I called as’ simple but elegant’ it can attract peoples attention and it shows affection of the style of the dress.

How about you? What are you going to wear for your next Broadway piano show? Tell me who’s your favorite pianist as well. See you at the next one!


By Belle Willow

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