What to Expect in Men’s Fashion in 2022


Men’s fashion has changed over the last couple of decades, but it will continue to develop in the next few years. I’ve worked as a consultant for an up-and-coming menswear brand, so I’ve seen fashion trends come and go before they end up being big hits again in the future. I don’t want to give away too much about my top-secret work, but if you want to know what will be big in 2022, read on!

The Menswear Style Forecast

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Today, we’re going to look at the men’s fashion trends of tomorrow. With only a few more years left until we enter a new decade, how will menswear trends develop and transform? After scouring through what’s expected for menswear over 2020–2022, I think it’s safe to say that a lot is going to change. Here are some trends that I noticed while conducting my research: (insert content)..

Men’s Fashion Color Trends


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What colors will be popular for men’s clothing and accessories over the next five years? The short answer is a lot of colors, but you may not find what you expected. In 2022, we expect fashion designers to experiment with bold new colors that we can’t even imagine now. But we have seen shades of these colors before—it’s just that they haven’t been fully developed yet. Here are some examples: Bright pink, bright red, neon yellow, and fluorescent green!

Men’s Fashion Patterns and Prints

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Menswear is one of the fastest-growing areas of fashion, and it’s not hard to see why. There’s a trend for everything at present, from dad sneakers and mom jeans to neon metallic and extreme leather. Menswear brands are increasingly relying on unique patterns and inventive design techniques to ensure their garments are seen—and remembered. As with any fashion, these trends can be overdone; certain patterns risk becoming an eyesore if repeated too often, so choose wisely when looking for new prints.

Menswear Accessories

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As more men enter female-dominated fields and begin creating their own businesses, there will be a renewed focus on self-expression. This is just one of the many reasons menswear accessories will become even more important. While keychains and pens were popularized by Coach back in 1985, new startups will give them an entirely new lease on life by offering an almost infinite variety of styles and materials. Additionally, non-traditional accessories like bags and phone cases are expected to see a boost in popularity as well; not only do they offer a unique way to express yourself through your outfits, but they also have functional uses that make them ideal for those who have trouble deciding what shirt or tie goes best with what pair of pants.

Menswear Shoes

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Clothes are going to be a little looser and baggier, with more shirring and layering. It’s likely that men will dress less formally overall, as well—and even working women will dress more casually. That means shoes and accessories like belts may not be as big of a priority (maybe small buckles or metal ornamentation on men’s shoes instead), but they’ll still exist. The main purpose of menswear shoes is always going to be function, so expect your favorite pair of running sneakers or hiking boots to work their way into your wardrobe occasionally. As for fashion-forward items like platforms, leave those for women; walking in sky-high heels is hard enough for them.

Menswear Suits and Formal Wear

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One major development in menswear over the past decade has been an uptick in men wearing suits. For a long time, suits were considered distinctly feminine items of clothing—even when women started donning them (in huge numbers) during and after World War II, men generally stuck with more casual attire for work. But today, many workplaces still promote business-casual dress codes that allow for men to wear slacks and button-up shirts instead of suits, which makes it relatively easy for men of all ages to avoid wearing one. Consequently, sales of suit separates have seen steady growth throughout the 2010s; between 2010 and 2015 alone, U.S. sales grew from $20 billion annually to $30 billion annually.


Menswear, denim & outerwear

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Just like women’s clothing, menswear is going to see a move toward more natural fibers. Rayon and modal fabrics will be used more often, but not at all as frequently as cotton. In fact, cotton will still dominate most of the menswear line-ups. Natural fibers are great for work and play. That said, denim will remain king for years to come—and there will be even more men wearing their jeans in a retro-style slim fit from now until 2022!

Review of Overall Trends

As of right now, there is a shift back toward more classic and timeless looks. Sweatpants are out, high-rise trousers are in (hallelujah! ), and floral prints are no longer acceptable for most men. However, fashion is always growing. What will 2022 bring? It’s impossible to say for sure, but here are a few trends that seem like they might catch on.

By Shaurine Munguti

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