What is the best way to clean and care for a leather Bag?


We all know that buying a luxury leather bag is a good investment, especially because its worth will almost surely increase by the time you resale it. However, how you care for it and clean the leather bag will affect its worth, since if it displays too much wear and tear, people will be less inclined to pay as much for it.

best way to clean and care for a leather Bag

1.From the start, your handbag will be safe.

When we acquire something new, we want to make sure it lasts as long as possible, and the greatest place to start is with prevention. As soon as you get it home, we recommend applying leather protective cream. It protects the surface of leather by adding a protective barrier that repels stains and  protects  from wear and tear.

2. Clean your leather bag on a regular basis.

Regular cleaning is necessary whether your bag is new or old, in addition to protecting it. A moist cloth can suffice for a simple wipe- down but bags   will normally require a more thorough cleaning by a professional or using a specialized cleaning product every 2-3 month to stay in peak shape.

3.Only use leather cleaners designed for this Purpose.

Never clean with baby wipes, vinegar, or any other home cure.” Many of these products contain chemicals and ingredients that can cause color loss or dryness.


4. Don’t grip the handles too tightly

Although this may seem strange, natural oils from the skin or oils from moisturizers can degrade leather and cause it to discolour.   Protecting your leather is a good idea, but try caring your bag over your arm as well.

5 .Make sure the lid is securely fastened!

Leaky pens, water bottles, and even makeup can spoil not only your day, but also your luggage , You wouldn’t believe how many horror stories we’ve heard.)When we’re in a hurry, we’re all guilty of tossing everything into our bag without double-checking that it’s well packed. Put your pens in a pencil case your make- up in a bag,   and your water bottle in its place.


6. Make use of a handbag hook.

A classic clutch is a perfect size to place behind you in your chair at the small of your back when dining out, You might also use a handbag hook, which is designed to keep your bag protected from wet tables and dirty surfaces.

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By Sara Khan

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