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Men’s leather belts are the ideal accessory and a method to express your sense of style. When it comes to quality and personal expression, a personalised leather belt is head and shoulders above the competition. If you want to learn how to begin personalising a leather belt, continue reading.

leather belts


Your style

Think about your fashion sense or what you choose to wear while you feel most confident. From there, look for a personalized leather belt and pick one that goes with your present attire. If you’re unsure on your personal style, consider your favourite outfits or outfits worn by others that you find appealing. A men’s personalized leather belt offers a special chance to add extra style to your wardrobe.

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Your goals

Do you want a statement belt or an accent belt? Accent belts typically come in the traditional black, brown, and blue colours and support an outfit rather than draw attention to itself. Men’s belts are an excellent focal point accessory. To spice up your daily dressing routine, go for a belt with texture, one with a pattern, such as imitation crocs, or one in a more vibrant colour.

3 Tips on Customizing Leather Belts for Men

Choose colours you wear or like.

The variety of colours offered when picking a personalised leather belt is one benefit. Of all, nothing will ever be able to take the place of your trusty brown and black buckles, but belts provide you the chance to spice up your wardrobe with some colour. There are two approaches to colour. One is to decorate your closet with complementing hues. Thus, for instance, if you frequently wear blue, you might select a bluish or white ribbon to go with your outfit. You may even choose a coloured belt to make it a greater focal point. Thus, for instance, if you frequently wear khaki or other more neutral colours, a statement piece in a richer or brighter shade might stand out. The most crucial factor in selecting a statement belt is that¬†The belt appeals to you. If you choose a belt you like, you’ll feel good wearing it.



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Several bespoke belts can be manufactured with the colour stitching of your choosing if you’re not quite ready to dive headfirst into the world of colour. This is a great way to include colour into your clothing without fully committing, such with a canary yellow belt. Our belts at Roger Ximenez include stitching that is a specific hue. We choose hues that go well with every belt, so you must choose wisely.

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