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Instagram has become a trending platform for fashion and fashion influencers up till now. One of the top clothing brand fashion influencers on Instagram is House of Pembi. They are a  leading online retailer selling their products directly from Instagram and launching their website near term.  In this article, I want to tell you how they began and why I love their business model. 


Photo Credit House Of Pembi

The House of Pembi is Born

The house of Pembi was originally a project started by Mahrukh Zaffer. Mahrukh has spent most of her life in and around the fashion space and a while back she moved to the Netherlands. She was stunned by the amazing amount of fashion selections that were available in the western market. This caused her to think that western fashion has always reached Pakistan very slowly. She thought about how back in her youth, she struggled to find a good selection of fashionable western pieces at affordable prices. With that in mind, she decided to set up an online shop dedicated to Pakistan, and House Of Pembi was born.

Operations and Logistics

She is currently working with her Mother who is Pakistan-based to facilitate logistics. Affordability is their main concern, so they reproduce some pieces in-house to keep their products within an affordable range. So the whole collection remains top-notch in terms of fashion since it’s always inspired by what Mega players in the fashion world are cooking up. However, manufacturing is done here in Pakistan much of the time. She outsources to authentic brands like ZaraH&MBerksha Adidas. The design is limited to allow them to offer more designs.

Price range and discount offers

Their collection ranges from Rs. 3000 to Rs. 12000 max. To make it more affordable, they offer constant discounts such as  New Year, Valentine’s Day, and More. The discount offers are usually unannounced so followers have to keep constantly engaged to the Instagram page to stay informed. They also have a collection catalog with prices that is available upon request.

Available stock and New collections

They currently promote 50 different designs now and intend on Introducing 35 more by March. The collection is hand-curated and can be mixed & matched since they have different trousers, skirts, shirts, button-downs, jackets, summer jackets & dresses available. The collection includes selections from casual to semi-formal wear. Here is just a few of the wide section you may find in their collection.

Zara Coord set in Paisley Print.

Photo Credit House Of Pembi
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Zara Coord set in Paisley Print. Very beautiful stuff, amazing fabric, and the collection here is so unique. Very fine stitching really worth back collection


Black Over the Shoulder Scarf with Collar & Pockets Design

Photo Credit House Of Pembi
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Black Over the Shoulder Scarf with Collar & Pockets Design
◾️White Button-Down Shirt with Peterpan Collar & Puffed Sleeves
◾️ Black Clutch with Golden Chains

Black A-Line Skirt with Pleated Mesh Panels & Ribbon details

Photo Credit House Of Pembi

Black A-Line Skirt with Pleated Mesh Panels & Ribbon details. Can be worn as high waisted skirt. make you look beautiful

Forest Green & Black Cowl Dress


Photo Credit House Of Pembi

Isra Usman looking radiant in our Forest Green & Black Cowl Dress made in imported high drape fabric. The fabric hangs well around the body silhouette & move in a fluid form which adds oomph to the wearer’s aura


Photo Credit House Of Pembi

Ecru & Black Silk dress in Print with Pleats & Belt and red dress make you look perfect for going outside have a party these western dresses make you look more charming and beautiful

Happy Customer on exhibition at House of Pembi Studio

picture credit houseofpembi

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Details and Contact

Their current online sales platform is only on Instagram but their website is under construction and expected soon.  They also have a studio that is currently by appointment only. They are also in the process of organizing quarterly fun-filled exhibitions at the studio.

Their USP:

– Up to date with fashion

– huge variety
– affordable with a price range (3k-12k)
– quality assure

Delivery Terms:

Delivery can be expected within 2/3 working days. Locally for Lahoris, they offer delivery within a few hours of placing an order. Plus the delivery driver will even wait outside for you to try clothes out. So you like it, you can keep it and if not, their rider will take it back. No questions asked.

Chat Response

 They offer friendly customer service with a usual one-minute reply.


The co-founder is Amina Qadir pictured here at an exhibition at their well maintained studio.


The future looks very bright for House Of Pembi.  They look to add skincare products and take their brand overseas so the world can experience the House of Pembi level of professionalism and attention to detail only available in Pakistan today. In conclusion, I would invite each of our readers to check out this amazing company for so many reasons. I think you will be very impressed.

Do visit on House of Pembi today! You will not be disappointed, you have my word on that.

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By Shameen Abbas

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