Understanding Fashion blog terms and Statistics

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Terms and Conditions you need to Understand for a better blog!

You can count how many people are visiting your site by using the Post Time Counter tool. You can evaluate where your marketing efforts are working by examining your blog metrics, so you know where to increase and where to minimize your efforts. Now let’s understand first how to start your fashion blog. By just clicking the link below.


First, let’s Understand what we called



The number of visitors displayed in your blog stats indicates how many times someone visited your blog. Each submission is counted just once.

When a person accesses the link of your blog, it can be counted as visits.


Visitors of your blog

Visitors are more difficult to measure than visits. It is practically impossible to not double-count recurring visitors unless people must register to view your blog. Even if a stat tracker utilizes cookies to establish whether or not a visitor to your blog has visited previously, it’s very likely that the visitor has erased their cookies since their last visit. That implies the stat tracker will consider the individual a new visitor and count them again. With this in mind, visitors are a more acceptable metric for bloggers to use to gauge their blog’s popularity.


Blog Sessions

A session is a single visitor’s visit to any portion of your site/blog for 30 seconds or longer.




Every time someone downloads a file from your blog, you get a hit. . Because each file has to download to the user’s browser, if a page on your blog has your logo, an ad, and an image in your blog post, you’ll get four hits from that page — one for the page itself, one for the logo, one for the image, and one for the ad.



Because it is the figure that online marketers look at, page views are the standard measurement of blog popularity. During their visit to your blog, each visitor will view a specific amount of pages.  Each page or post that a visitor view is referred to as a page view. Advertisers are interested in the number of page views a blog receives since each page view gives a customer another chance to see (and maybe click on) the advertiser’s adverts.



Other websites (and specific pages) on the internet that deliver visitors to your blog are referred to as referrers. Each link to your blog establishes a point of entry. You may figure out which websites or blogs are bringing the most traffic to your blog. Look at the referrers in your blog stats and focus your promotion efforts appropriately by looking at the referrers in your blog stats.



You may learn what keywords people are putting into search engines to locate your site by looking at the list of keywords and keyword phrases in your blog metrics. To increase traffic to your site, you may include such keywords in future posts as well as advertising and promotional activities.


Bounce Rate

The bounce rate tells you what proportion of visitors leave your blog right after they arrive. These are folks who do not believe your site provides them with the information they require. It’s a good idea to keep track of where your bounce rate is particularly high and adjust your marketing efforts to avoid sites that drive visitors to your blog for less than a few seconds. Adjust your marketing strategy to focus on initiatives that bring visitors with a lower bounce rate if you want to generate meaningful traffic and devoted readers.


But how can you earn thru Affiliate marketing?

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