A bra is an important part of any women’s wardrobe. But selecting the perfect bra is very essential for the right look. There never goes a day for women without wearing a bra. But did you know that there are various uses of bra, which benefit us in many ways? So, here is a guide for all the different types of bra required by us on a daily basis:

1. T-Shirt Bra


It is a bra that is mostly worn under t-shirts or tops or anything that is a little fitted. These can either be seamless or have barely-there seams for support. It is so, that the seams of these bras do not peek through the clothes.

2. Demi- Bra

Demi bra

These bras are low-cut and cover only half of the breasts. They provide a natural lift and make way for soft cleavage. Mostly these are underwired.

3. Strapless Bra

As the name suggests, these bras come without a strap. Perfect for the outfits that are off-shoulder or backless. They look great and also provide support.


4. Plunging Bra

These bras have a low neckline and do not provide full coverage. They are great to wear when you want to wear a dress or a top with a deep neckline.

5. Bralette

types of bra 65

A bralette is a type of bra that comes with little to no padding. These bras have no underwires making them super comfortable and suitable for relaxed occassions.

6. Push-Up Bra

types of bra 67These bras are used to lift the breasts and give a very prominent cleavage. These have extra gel or foam padding at the bottom of the cup which lifts the breasts up and towards each other.

7. Sports Bra


types of bra

These bras are specifically designed to keep the breasts in place while providing support, they are padded and are often made with materials that absorb sweat and dry easily too. Hence, these are perfect to wear while working out.

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