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New year, a new beginning, NEW ME! Normally this is the time we reinvent ourselves. We forgive and forget the past. We feel stronger and ready to conquer the world! We feel the vibe and looking forward to a better and greater new year. Let’s talk about a trendy hairstyle.

Normally, before or after New Year, we go to the salon finding a long cue to our favorite hairstylist. This is the time that we get our new hairstyle and color, connecting that this will give us a new beginning for the NEW YEAR.

Don’t you agree with me that going to the salon can be therapeutic? You can talk about anything with your hairdresser without judgment, or just stay quiet and meditate while you are having your hair treatment.

You can also hear the latest gossip in town in your salon about celebrities, politics, or hear the latest trending style about skincare, fashion, or trending K-drama and series. There is so much movement in the salon that gives you vibrant energy.

Once your hairstylist holds your head, they can start talking about any subject and you are only obliged to listen. You can start the conversation easily, talking about hair, skincare, then style, celebrities, and sometimes personal issues.

It seems like people in the salon know you so well. Their advice can be hilarious and can also seriously make sense. They talk shit and curse to death but when you really listen, their words can hit you hard.

Your hairstylist is your psychologist. They bring the charge to your confidence and boost your dopamine. Dopamine is a happiness chemical that can be produced by doing self-care activities. It is a reward chemical released by our body by eating good food, completing a task, and celebrating little wins.


Your professional hairstylist prescribed you a good haircut and hair color for your skin tone and face. After your session, you feel like celebrating your little wins of getting a new version of YOU! #thenewme

A professional hairstylist can revive your dry and dying hair, and bring back the life and light in your life. Don’t you feel good when you go out of your hair salon?! Coz I do!

How many of you went to the salon when you feel sad? How many of us went to the salon when we just want to escape from our family for a while and hoped to feel better afterward? How many of you feel empowered after going out of your salon? Have you felt like you are a new different person after your hair treatment?! The salon is our temporary escape that gives our confidence back.

Those are the reason why we reinvent ourselves at the beginning of the year. To feel lucky. To take charge of our future. It is not just getting a new hairstyle but feeling empowered!

I am excited to see the trendy hairstyle and colors for 2022 coz the way I see it, it is all about being natural and confident.

“We will see more people going short and experimenting with fun colors and style,” says Edison Guevara from Jesi Mendez Salon Cash and Carry Branch, who’s predicting badass buzzcuts and pixies for 2022 as I asked him to cut my hair shorter. He added that effortless waves and bouncy curls can be trendy for 2022.

Another huge trend for 2022? Embracing what we’ve got and highlighted it even more. “Everyone is turning less to heat-styling and letting their natural texture show,” says Edison. I hope natural texture will be a huge focus for 2022. Yes in embracing and flaunting what we’ve got!


This is the time to grow your fringe out! 2022 is going to be all about embracing not only natural curls but also, wavy, fluffy texture. 2022 brings the curls out with full force – and curly shags will be big too. But, cuts are important to introduce volume and face-framing shapes so if you haven’t done your hair, go to your trusted professional hairdresser and go for that big change!

Just get ready with your budget. As I have said, going to the hair salon can be therapeutic and like going to your psychiatrist or psychologist consultation, re-inventing can be expensive. 🙂

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