Top Women’s Fashion Trends in Kenya


The year 2021 has been one of the most turbulent of times. We lost so much, but gladly not our sense of style. Here are the top women’s fashion trends in Kenya this year.

1. Natural

Whether it is because of the financial crisis brought about by Covid 19 that has forced our girls to cut down on their makeup expenses or not, is not for me to say. Especially not here. I don’t have enough balls lol.

But I must say though, that I’ve always been looking for these times when they’ll drop everything fake and go natural. Corona came and voila! Our babe is glamorous! They opted for short natural hair, with little or no makeup at all over the fake and, sometimes expensive wigs they used to don.  Imagine! Who would’ve thought that African beauty is so much glorious! I pray this trend doesn’t go away.

2. Gladiator sandals

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Your girlfriend(s) probably have this. If she doesn’t( I’m now taking to men) kindly get her a pair from Ubuy.

Gladiator sandals go perfectly with little black dresses; ideal for sunny for the warm weather we so much enjoy. However, you should be keen to make sure that the shoes fit well. These are here to stay, what do you think?

3. Vintenge

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How do I forget about this one! If I do, this whole article is null and void lol! I believe that this has been the biggest trend this year. “How big?” You ask. It is been such a trailblazing trend that the lady walking near you is putting on a kitenge. Also, I hear that there’s kitenge lingerie as well…

The good thing about this kind of clothing is that you can pull it off on any occasion: from the office party to the ruracio in the village.


3. Bodysuits

Now, I haven’t seen our girls in bodysuits but google says that it is one of the greatest trends of 2021. I don’t want to argue with Google. For those that don’t know what a bodysuit is, here it is.

4. Facemasks

 fashion trends in Kenya

Indeed, Covid 19 was, in a way a blessing to the fashion industry. Our masks are now part of accessories, like pocket squares and bowties. Masks were designed to remind us of our impending inhalation by the Sars virus. We now put them proudly on. For me, I thank God. Now,who did a more beautiful job with facemasks than our Kenyan women?


Fashion is beauty. It is intrinsically woven into the very fiber of our lives. It is beautiful that we can find these beautiful small things in these tough times.

Photo credit Pexels 

by Karis.

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