Top Up and Coming Asian Fashion Bloggers to Follow


There is no denying it most people dream of a life where they can live wherever they want and work at what they love. For many that would be blogging about fashion, and many have reached that peak of the mountain. Actually, that is the basis of the founding of Our Fashion Passion. The fact is it is a lot of work to build a strong following as you will see here. I want to list the top up and coming Asian fashion bloggers and the backstories about how they made it.

Ayla Dimitri, 372K IG followers 8,509 posts

Ayla a 27-year-old, born in Indonesia is an Instagram model and social media influencer famous for beauty, fashion, and lifestyle photos on her IG account. Looking through her profile will defiantly motivate you to get on top of your fashion game. You see her selling beauty products, shoes, candy and so much more. This little girl works hard for her money and word has it, She is one of the wealthiest Indonesians in her space. Look her up on Instagram

Cora Kim, 340L IG Followers 1,476 posts

Cora age unknown, but if I were to venture a guess 20 something would be close is from Seoul South Korea. She moved to California after graduation to pursue her master’s degree in graphic design. She takes on causes like dog adoption and is very civic-minded. Her Instagram feed has makeup tutorials, shows her hawking shoes, and even clothes by Animal Emojis. Look her up on Instagram

Pia Shah, 85K IG Followers 1081 posts

Pia a 27-year-old half Indian half Filipino blogger from California. She is in many channels including Youtube and has an impressive 85,000 Instagram followers. She loves neutral shades with a touch of bold color. She has a great look and her Instagram feed is chock-full of jewelry, clothes, perfumes, and make-ups she promotes. She also does question and answer sessions on her Youtube channel. You can look her up on Instagram.


Allison Teng, 85K IG Followers 1915 posts

Allison a 32-year-old Chinese American born and raised in California has got to be one of my favorite bloggers. She is simply adorable and one of the hardest working bloggers in the business. She has made plus sizes cool again and I think her followers love her for it. She has her own website curvygilrchic and an Instagram feed that offers so many refreshing outfits for most normal people who are not pencil-thin. I don’t see her hawking shoes or makeup, but she is building her brand. My guess is she is one to watch. Look her up on Instagram.

Chailee Son, 1.1 Million IG Followers 923 Posts

Chailee a 23-year-old South Korean fashionista and is the master at making simple look chic. She has already founded her own clothing company and has even been featured as the Sports Illustrated “Lovely Lady of The Day”. Her Instagram feed features her in many provocative outfits considering her conservative Korean culture. Her impressive 1.1 million followers make her the top of the mountain in this post. You can look her up on Instagram.

When it is all said and done there is no shortage of up-and-coming talented Asians in the fashion blogger space. I expect to feature many more in the coming months as well as African, European, Middle Eastern also. If I missed you in this piece I will likely catch you in my nest so don’t fret. I hope you are looking forward to my next posts as much as I am. So Shop On and Carpe Deim.

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