Top Designers in Brazil


There is a saying you know your Brazilian when you dress up to go to the supermarket. This is no exaggeration as you will rarely find a Brazilian not dressed to impress especially the woman. A place known for beautiful landscapes, weather and people, Brazil is a leader in the world of fashion with top labels you may know. Here are the top designers in Brazil

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Osklen, one of the top labels in Brazil was established in Rio de Janeiro by Oskar Metsavaht. This top luxury brand began as a sport-themed line and later was marketed with a heavy focus on the luxury market.


Colcci is a high-end company that creates gorgeous clothes for both men and women. Currently, it holds many labels and stores in over 30 countries worldwide. Their focus on street-based styles mixed with a sporty look is loved throughout the world.


Ellus is one of the longest-standing Brazilian fashion labels. Founded in Minas Gerias and established in Sao Paulo in the 70’s it has grown to be one of the most famous brands in Brazil. With a heavy focus on their unisex jeans that somehow fit both male and female flawlessly. They have styles that meet the needs of slim to heavyset and are loved worldwide.


Forum is a label whose clothes give a great forum to the wearer hence the name. Founded in Sao Paulo in the early ’80s by designer Tufi Duek the brand is known for its stylish dresses and has a heavy presence in the denim space. They also have a high-end fashion line that is loved by many and is one of Brazil’s most popular brands of jeans and casual street dress.


In conclusion, Brazil has been a hot spot for high fashion for many years. As new designers like Alexandra Herchcovitch, Pedro Lourenco, Barbara Casasola, and Sandra Barros gain traction the future looks great also. If you love fashion then brazil deserves your Attention in the past, present, and future.

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