Saree is a traditional attire of India and it’s a versatile garment to wear on any occasion or any place whether it’s a wedding or in schools. Saree is simple, aesthetic, and ordinary but unique attire worn by a girl or woman on every occasion. We wear it with a blouse or any short-fit crop top. Saree draping is an experimental thing just because our celebrities always try to get different draping ideas. It is important that you drape your Saree properly, so, today, I’m going to share the top 6 different ways to drape a saree. I hope you will enjoy it:

1- Pleated Saree Drape

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The pleated saree drape is one of the most popular, easy, and comfortable saree draping styles and following by Indian women many times and is still popular and modern. In this, we make many pleated saree on her left shoulder and it makes fabulous cotton fabric saree. No one can deny the elegance that pleated cotton sarees with a high-neck blouse can give.

2- Floaty or A casual saree drape

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It’s a quickly maintaining idea of draping a saree within a few minutes. In this method, we simply make plates in the saree and then we take a turn behind the back and pin up a corner part of the saree on her shoulder and the rest part takes support on the hand. When you drape a saree of thin fabric like chiffon or georgette or net sarees try back open blouses or zipper blouses. It will give you a great impact.Women generally appear this drape in college functions or as a teacher, at weddings, and at parties as well.

3- Dhoti Style Saree Drape

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One more old type of getting saree drape is the dhoti style. Although, we can say it’s a mixture of modern and traditional. In this, we drape our saree like a man who wears his dhoti in a traditional manner. Dhoti sarees have been popularized by many beautiful actresses like Shilpa Shetty and Sonam Kapoor who have worn and rocked this saree drape.

4- Belted Saree Drape

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It’s one more popular and modern saree draping way to create a comfortable look with hotness. In this way, We drape saree simply like a pleated saree or dhoti saree and then we add a belt on our waist. Although, The fashion was come by the kamarband what used in old time. Many Indian celebrities wear their saree with bold, thin, or broad belts and look gorgeous.

5- Lehenga Saree Drape

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Sometimes, if we want to wear a saree but in a lehenga then we can make this by a saree. We can make it with multiple single pleats around the waist and the rest part of the saree can be draped on the shoulder. You can wear it like a Gujarati saree wear and make your lehenga without destroying your saree.

6- Retro Saree Drape

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Retro saree drape ideas are a good way of showing modernity and confidence. Although, the draping style does not choose by everyone Indian celebrities get it on many occasions. In this style, we take two or three rounds of saree pallu around us.


There are a few saree draping ideas and many of the saree draping ideas are also popular in the World like Gujarati saree draping, Maharashtrian saree draping, South Indian saree draping, and so on. I Hope the information regarding your sarees will be helpful and sufficient for all.

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By Komal 

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