Top 5 Types of Fashion


Every day we encounter different types of colorful fashion design, especially if you spend any time studying fashion. The names of these sorts of designs may vary slightly on the source, but generally, the thought of fashion design scale remains an equivalent. Fashion design can generally be divided into orders, and while there exists some imbrication and subcategorization, there are five main types of fashion design. In this article, we will discuss the five types of fashion design.

Haute Couture Fashion

From left: Chanel; Vetements

Haute Couture refers to an executive custom-fitted fashion design That is all made by hand from start to end. Paris became the center of the growth for making outfits from high quality, good fabrics and expensive materials and is the birthplace of Haute Couture. 

Luxury Fashion

Prada established a diversity and inclusion advisory council In 2019 macro,  via Getty Images 

Luxury Fashion is one of the most famous and rapidly expanding industries with leading firms, from an etymological perspective.  The word luxury comes from Latin, excess in the way of life or displaying wealth at some desires, on the other hand.  It refers to the emotional dimension favoring personal satisfaction, luxury in other hand means seeking one’s own pleasure and well-being.

Fast Fashion

Photo from the planet app
Fast fashion refers to a highly profitable and exploitable based on replication of catwalk and high fashion.  It is a mass production product at low cost which often exploits workers in inhumane conditions. The fast-fashion term is also used to describe the products of the fast fashion business model, this was introduced in the late 1920s.

Economy Fashion

Photo from the fashion law

it involves 3 steps,

PRODUCTION -making the clothes

DISTRIBUTION-getting the clothes from the maker to the consumer

CONSUMPTION-using the clothing which is bought from the maker


In developing nations, fashions in clothes and other goods and services change so rapidly in many ways, so it is difficult to maintain records.

Ready-To-Wear Fashion

Photo from masterclass

Ready-to-wear fashion and ready-made gourmets are sold in finished condition in many sizes. In other words, a  garment that was mass-produced in different sizes by tailors or machinery.


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