Top 5 men’s slippers – work from home collection


Searching for the ideal pair of men’s slippers to keep your feet cozy while at home at work? Don’t worry; Paragon offers a huge selection of men’s informal slippers in a variety of hues and styles. We create slippers that are both comfortable and fashionable.

Men’s para lite dark grey casual slippers


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There are two colors available for this cozy slipper: black and grey. EVA (Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate), which provides rubber-like softness and flexibility, makes up the shoe’s exterior and sole. It is a pair of casual slippers that are waterproof and suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. For Rupees 300, it is a fantastic value.

Men’s sandwich cushions casual flip flops.


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Men’s sandwich cushioned casual flip flops are among Paragon’s vast selection of most cost-effective, casual flip flops. This fantastic pair of tennis shoes is merely 90 rupees and is offered in all sizes. Here, the inside and exterior surfaces are both made of rubber to provide comfort.

Men’s brown slicker men’s sandals.


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Sandals are continuously in fashion. In addition, Paragon sells a line of brown slicker sandals for men that are both fashionable and comfortable. Look at the robust construction of this strong sandal. Since these sandals are composed of durable materials, you can wear them both indoors and outside. The wearer experiences softness while wearing the inside material, which is constructed of PU.


In contrast, the PVC vinyl used for the exterior layer improves the appearance of this formal sandal. For the monsoon season, a sandal with good traction is recommended. Each and every man needs a pair of these dark brown men’s slicker sandals.

Men’s sky blue Stimulus casual flip flops.


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introducing a pair of fashionable flip-flops made of sturdy materials. The center of attention is undoubtedly our fashionable men’s sky blue stimulation casual flip flop. The materials used to make this flip-flop include rubber and EVA. Thus, it is a flip-flop that is waterproof. The sole component, in contrast, is comfortable for the wearer because it is constructed of EVA material. And these fashionable flip flops simply cost about Rupees 150. These flip-flops come in all sizes and are incredibly robust.

Men’s black vertex flip flops. 

Another stylish set of flip-flops from Paragon is here. Black vertex flop flops for men provide a stylish and comfortable design. The interior of this pair of switches is made of PU, as well as the outside is made of PVC Vinyl. For monsoon season, the flip-flop has a great grip and is made of waterproof material. All sizes of this incredible pair of tennis shoes are offered, and they only cost about 300 rupees. A must-have flip-flop that every man may wear both inside and outside.

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For your safety, we use premium materials to make each pair of shoes. Each of our shoes has undergone safety testing and is made to be comfortable. Always pick your best pair of feet. Every foot is comfy in our fashionable footwear.

Who enjoys sporting slippers inside? Everybody prefers to keep their feet off the chilly ground. Slippers help protect your feet from common illnesses including fungal and bacterial infections, as well as other common ailments. Slippers can help swollen feet heal indoors, according to research. Use men’s Paragon Slippers to continue working from home during this pandemic while maintaining healthy feet.


By Malik Sayyaf

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