Top 5 Fashion Trends For Men 2022

top-5- fashion-trends-for-men-2022

In the entertainment industry, men’s fashion has just stuck to its constant style with suits and classic tuxedos. But apart from the constant style, there’s a lot of attraction happening especially at men’s fashion off the red carpet. Let’s have a look at the upcoming fashion trends for men in 2022.

In the year 2021 men’s fashion is all about tuxedos and bow tie events, but 2022 is highly expecting the change that will come up with floral design shirts and vertical stripes. As a believe vertical stripes are a great option to carry out men’s personalities.

At the promotional events, men’s styling comes with lots of evolution but at the same point, on the red carpets men from the entertainment industry come up with the same styling patterns.

It is not always possible to keep records throughout the year of all the styles that fit in and out of men’s wardrobes. Men’s fashion is simply more about little detailing and small touches which give a smart look.

In the new year, men’s style is in the same pattern and as well as boring, so by keeping hope let’s see what’s new is coming in 2022.

Vertical styles

The style that really got a place at the men’s heart is vertically striped shirts. The advantage of this pattern is it makes you look thinner and taller, It’s just magic. Remembering the one rule of thumb, the thinner stripes are harder to notice on than thick strips.


Floral everywhere

Floral shirts got their popularity in 2021 and they will surely continue their craze in 2022 especially among the Indian people. Men confidently experiment with floral shirts as their casual outfits. And it is paired with solid-colored pants and with flat loafers.


Color is in 


As we all know men refer to pastel shades and dull colors. But why not vibrant colors? By keeping this in mind vibrant colors shirts and tees are in men’s trend.

Denim with different shades


As in 2022, denim comes up with different shades of blue. Not only blue now it comes in different colors also. Lighter denim can easily pair up with any dark shirt. So, its change in 2022.

Varsity jackets


As everyone is grabbing this varsity jackets style but it’s not new in fashion. This trend was on in 1865, its an attire of a Harvard Baseball Team, with the iconic symbol ‘H’. So this style is very much constant and as a believe it will stay life long.

As the world grapple with covid-19, the state of fashion industry 2022 reports the textile industry has faced a huge challenge and also got a huge opportunity of the fashion industry. As it is a global industry here are the top fashion trends for men which have created the fashion industry more versatile and energetic so that the fashion world can dominate the global industry at the big stage by which things will be more different and can dominate the fashion world So that things will change in a potential way.

By Soumyajit Dutta

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