Tinder Date DRESS ALERT – A Netflix Review of The Movie LOVE HARD


Who among you has tried online dating? Me, for sure.  I won’t deny it. Looking for a date was difficult and so did this modern dating.

Gone are the days where you can be approached by a complete stranger, they try to catch your attention, try to know you better, and at the end, exchange contact numbers. Gosh! I miss those days!

I still remember when I used to hang out with friends, look nice, dress properly, and laugh timidly. Well, I am a  Millennial. What generation do we have now?! Generation X?! Generation Tiktok?!

Have you watched Love Hard on Netflix?! If not, then it’s time for you to watch it and learn the reality of modern dating.

Everyone… okay, most of us are trying to pretend and look perfect for our social media. Either you like filters or hate them. Whoever invented those filters, what the heck! You have just raised the standards of beauty and perfectionism. It’s easy to fake a profile picture right now, enhance your photo with filters.

But anyway, in the film Josh (Jimmy O. Yang) instead of using his real photo, can as well add some filters to look good, he used his friend’s photo, Tag, as his profile picture in an online dating app. Natalie (Nina Dobrev) matched with Josh, well… because of Tag’s (Darren Barnet) photo, and later on Natalie, a single woman, hopeless to find her true love flew all the way to Long Angeles to Lake Placid to surprise Josh for holidays. But she was surprised to find out that Josh’s catfished her.

The story can be your weekend movie, feel-good movie, and something to check on because of the moral of the story. That’s for you to understand. Every story can be different according to one interpretation.


So here comes the dating dress 101:

I must say, I always love a leather jacket! Natalie’s “look” here is sophisticated paired with his black boots, brown turtle neck, long sleeves dress, and big brown bag. Classic but rock!

But remember this scene:

Nope! Definitely, something not to wear on your first online date! Slit too high, not unless you wear a nude color leg warmer. But yeah! She nailed it here!

How about a cute nice feminine floral dress. This can be a statement of simplicity, feminine and style. It’s like a “you handle me with care” dress. The white dress of Natalie where she was expecting to have a date on a yacht was so cute, perfect with her shades, and perfect for the weather and occasion. Too bad her date ditched her. The scene of the dress was so quick but the dress is definitely eye-catching.

And who would not notice the red sophisticated classic dress she wore on her date with Tag. Simple, classy, and girly. Wearing red on your first date can give an impression of power, it shows that you are confident and in control. The dress doesn’t show too much skin but it can also be sexy.

These two dresses are something to wear on your first date. Safe to go anywhere. Perhaps not just in a bar because you can be too old going in this kind of dress in a bar. They are like your Sunday church dress but you can definitely wear them on your first Tinder date.


Comfy T-shirt for your first date? Why not?! Rubber shoes with your jeans or shorts (not too short). Give your date a good impression, wear something casual and relax. You can never go wrong by wearing a T-shirt, pair it with nice pants, and just be ready with your casual jacket that can go to fine dining or a simple chick restaurant.

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