Thermal henley, long-sleeve shirt

long-sleeve shirt

Are you looking for clothing or a long-sleeve shirt for your Activities, then you should try Thermal Henley fashion passion in the long sleeve women’s shirts? In case you are that fashion Passione for rustic activities like Netflix in a cabin, this is just for you. Worry not about the size as it comes in diverse sizes, the small size, the medium size, the Large size, size XS, 2XS, even more, so you are all covered. What I love about this style is that whoever puts it on looks comfortable, relaxed, and cute. It gives that BLEND of humbleness mixed with class.

Presented to you in the model is a thermal V-neck, long sleeve with ribbed cuffs. It’s waffle-knit with a cozy cotton blend. This is a fashion style focused on women’s cozy comfort but Thermal Henley, long sleeve has a man, baby, and kids variants too. Its material content is made of prewashed 60% cotton, and 40% polyester blend. It can be machine washed well, as well as hand washed, so it’s easy to care for. Its fit type is slim, and it is streamlined to fit close to your body. It has a classic length, clearly intended to hit between your waist and hip. In this particular human model, the model is 5’11″/180 cm wearing a fitting size S. 

Besides the model’s fit color Heather light oatmeal, Thermal Henley, long sleeve comes with vast colors ranging from; color Light Grey Heather, color Olive Heather, color Bronze Heather, color Wine Heather, color Blue Heather, color Brown Heather, color Navy Heather, color Charcoal, color Navy, color Sycamore Heather, color Black, to color Khaki Heather and more, so try this Fashion Passion for a cozy soft fitting comfort. 

Now that you know this side of the Thermal Henley fashion passion in the long sleeve women’s shirts, let’s dive to the other side of the Gospel. In this, I speak to you believer and all that never say fashion and beauty in being a CHRISTIAN. 

As you dress in your fashion passion, let’s share a message about you being a humble example and not a paycheck: 

Your humble example, not your opinion, changes the world. At least, that world I hope for you to be a part of. That world where humble yet classy and comfortable, fashion passion touches and changes the world where it’s committed to God.

If you want to be successful in this world, you must pursue your passion rather than a paycheck. You wouldn’t be a CHRISTIAN if everything you did had to be paid for with money. For everything you do, I encourage for whatever is done to glorify God’s name, besides your own. Instead of saying, “I’m also a human,” say, “I’m a CHRISTIAN.” So act in accordance with what Jesus Christ expects of you. ACT IMMEDIATELY. Be the Christian that the Living God expects of you. Be a church builder and a healer.


Let us pray;

LORD God in Heaven, I know that Jesus Christ is the only way and the only source of comfort. There is nowhere else I can go. You embody the truth. Within the power of the Holy Spirit, I choose to serve Jesus wholeheartedly with my entire life. Lord Jesus Christ, you are deserving of my devotion, and there is no one else in the world to whom I would rather submit. I will praise, worship, and serve you, LORD, through Jesus Christ, for the rest of my life, beginning today. In Jesus’ name, who, according to scripture, shed his blood on the cross for my sake and is the greatest one to follow as the only true way. I have prayed and immersed myself in Jesus’ holy blood to be protected from evil and discomfort, Amen. By this prayer, I believe God has touched you in your fashion passion.

Be Church Built and Healed in your fashion passion. 

To you, who is ailing and needs Healing Prayers, Kindly reach out for prayers. I call on you who Loves God to stand with CHRISTIAN HEALING CHURCH MINISTRY in the construction of a Church Toilet, Supporting Bibles, and the Worship tent. 

To Donate by PayPal or Credit or Debit card, go to and click the Donate button to give your Seed, Tithe, Thanksgiving, Support Healing Mission, Support Church Building Mission, Support Bibles and Preaching here .  ACT NOW, and Kindly reach out, so we pray.

By Apostle Jude

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