The Most Desired Luxury and Fashion Careers.


Fashion is a sought-after industry! However, if you want to pursue fashion careers in luxury and design, you must persevere! It might be tough to enter this frequently secluded atmosphere.

If working in fashion is still a goal of yours, don’t despair; the industry is changing and new opportunities are emerging every day. You will discover a career in fashion that is tailor-made for you, whether it is in marketing, sales, or even design.

In this article, we explore some of the most coveted luxury and fashion professions.

1. Buying Fashion Career


A buyer’s work entails uncovering the greatest items from all parts of the globe and then reselling them to ready-to-wear companies at the highest possible price.

Buyers must be able to choose items that best reflect the brand’s identity, whether they are purchased online or in stores, changed or unaltered. Buyers are commonly employed by large corporations because they are enthusiastic and skilled negotiators.

2. Fashion store manager


Despite the rise of e-commerce, store managers are still in high demand in the luxury and fashion industries.

As a result, its job is to put the brand’s expectations into action in terms of sales and outcomes. He manages a staff of salesmen and ensures that the store’s turnover is increasing.


3. Product manager


product manager fashion career

A product manager’s task is to determine the most effective strategy for developing new items. Analyzing the current market to produce lucrative collections for the brand is one of the most crucial processes in the luxury and fashion industry.

He also instructs the creative teams on how to imagine garments that fit the pre-determined collection strategy. Finally, he is in charge of overseeing suppliers as well as manufacturing expenses.

4. Fashion graphic designer


fashion career

The development of the brand’s image on all visual tools is the responsibility of a graphic designer working for a luxury or fashion brand.

In reality, it is he who is in charge of designing the brand’s visual identity. The purpose of the graphic charter, logo, and website is to produce a unified aesthetic that is consistent with the brand’s products.

5. Stylist: is a high-end job that evokes dreams.

The most resourceful and determined individuals can pursue the luxury career of their dreams: stylists. The designs coordinated by the top designers are shaped and developed by him.

The stylist, who has a strong sense of fashion and a 360-degree view of current events in the industry, is also responsible for the design of new clothing, jewelry, and accessories.

6. Communication manager

The communication manager of a fashion brand manages all internal and external communication for the brand. He is in charge of all advertising campaigns related to the promotion of the brand.


In addition, he ensures the consistency of the communications plans launched on different platforms. On social networks, during events or marketing operations, he ensures the best possible promotion of the brand’s products.

7. Fashion merchandising specialist

A visual merchandiser is a person who displays items in store windows. He or she is creative and always on the lookout for the latest trends. It frequently adheres to the marketing team’s standards.

To pursue this elite profession, you must have an acute sense of observation and a creative imagination.

8. Fashion model maker

The model maker comes in after the stylist has completed the creative process. He is the one who brings a garment’s design to life. In other words, he creates a pattern using the model’s technical sheet.

It’s a high-end job that involves both manual and creative skills.

9. Production manager, a crucial connection in the luxury sector.

The production manager is in control of a textile product’s whole production chain. He guarantees that the product reaches the consumer in the best possible condition, from conception through marketing.

He is also present during the production process, ensuring the supply of the correct materials as well as the attainment of the sales goals.


10. Community manager

The last activity in this listing isn’t always the least! Indeed, the career of network supervisor, in style, is tremendously sought after. With the explosion of social networks in recent years, manufacturers have seized this medium to increase their picture.

The network supervisor consequently looks after dealing with the brand’s image on social media. In other words, he’s the spokesperson for the style company.

All images are from Pexels.

By Shaurine Munguti

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